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Movie Outing: The Viral Factor.

After being sick for almost two days in a row, I have somehow recovered. I couldn't stand being at home cooped up, hence a movie outing sounded like a good idea.

Wanted to watch Mission Impossible 3, but that did not turn out, so I ended up going with Jason to instead watch The Viral Factor at IOI Mall tonight.

Anyway, The Viral Factor stars Nicholas Tse, Jay Chou and a couple of other Hong Kong actors. The movie takes place in about four languages, with Jay Chou speaking in Mandarin, Nicholas Tse and the Hongkie actors in Cantonese, and the rest in American? English and Bahasa Melayu.

Guess what? The movie somehow takes place somehow "realistically" entirely in Kuala Lumpur.

The movie portrays KL as being very high tech, but I have my doubts on that.. maybe Tourism Department is trying to sell the Malaysian image as a country with high security... LOL.

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