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Day 4 in Guang Zhou.

On our last day in Guang Zhou, we went for 'yum cha' in a dim sum
place. 'Yum Cha' in its original term means to have dim sum in
cantonese. However its meaning has evolved to 'teh tarik' in Malaysia

It was a lovely yum cha in a place called 'Toh Toh Gui'. We ordered
loh mai kai, congee with 'yau zha gwai', and lots more goodies.
After that, my mom took us around to look for jade (more like her
shopping than me), and I went and made a name "chop" stamper for
myself. The cost? 70 Yuan for one with a goat figurine.

The roads were packed. The only phrase were to describe this
pre-Chinese New Year congestion was "Yan Shan Yan Hoi" (People
Mountain People Sea).

Basically we just spent the day shopping for more stuff. In general,
if it was not for the conversion rate, things would be a lot more
expensive in China.

Imagine, who actually pays 9 yuan for a bowl of "hong dao sa" or 18
yuan for a "mong guo peng sai mai loh" (sago mango).. thats craziness.
I only RM4 or less for a hong dao sa in KL..

Going to the airport, we called a cab from the hotel we were staying.
It cost about 115 yuan (including paging) for the one way trip there.
The cab driver was really chatty talking to my dad (mostly) whilst my
mom and I sat behind.

In China, the driver sits on the left and the passenger sits on the
right seat (like in the USA).

All in all, it was a good eye opening experience shopping in Guang
Zhou nonetheless. If it weren't for my going to Guang Zhou, I would
not really look at the chinese words on the notices around me.. now
that I am back in Kuala Lumpur after my trip to Guang Zhou, I actually
take more notice of the chinese words. The irony is that everything
here is read in Mandarin though.

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