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Day 3 in Guang Zhou: Dinner.

So I'm now typing this from the computer in the Business Centre of one of the Home Inns hotels in Guang Zhou.It's actually just a computer with a printer on the side located near the front entrance.
I was trying to access my blogspot web earlier, but it turns out that the page would not load for whatever reason. Perhaps it is for the same reason why my Facebook would not load either.
Tonight we ordered chicken rice with half a fish with two bowls of rice for three persons. The bill came up to about 85 yuan.I am not sure if that is expensive but considering its near hotels, the prices may have been inflated?
After dinner, I requested to have tong shui. Considering that most of our tong shui in KL has its origin in Canton, wouldn't it make sense for us to go and see the tong shui that they have originally here?
I wanted to order tong yuen, but my mother disassuaded me with the excuse that glutinuous is difficult to 'siu fah' (digest)  from ordering considering that I have not been well in the last two days.... Oh well. So I ended up order ginko boiled snow pear. Not exactly the most appetising tong shui, but at least it is "ching" (clear).
It seems that Guang Zhou has been invaded by people migrating in from the other regions of China. You can tell when almost half the people I meet speak Cantonese with a funny accent.

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