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Chor 1: Chinese New Year 2012.

To all my readers,


Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year for 2012, the year of the Dragon. Being in Malaysia, we call it Chinese New Year. For everywhere else, who is not chinese, they would call it Lunar New Year (to be politically correct).

The first day of Chinese New Year in my family is spent visiting the eldest relative of the family. For mine, as well as the fact that I am still single and unmarried, I still follow the protocol of visiting my Poh-Poh, which is my grandmother on my mother's side.

We normally have vegetarian on the first day of Chinese New Year. There are 15 days in the Chinese New Year celebration.

Adrian is also back for the New Year, so I am thrilled. He lives nearby, so its easy for us to head out at least till he heads back to Brisbane in February!

Chai Zhoy on Chor 1
CNY cookies
My lovely purple pink cheongsam
Red, purple and pink are good colours to wear for the New Year! Actually, any new clothes apart from black is good..

Some bits of the cheongsam
The Ipad Cousin Mahjong KL Conference. *LOL*
So all my cousins were gathered, bringing their Ipads... (the newest toy).. and playing a round of Mahjong KL ( you guess it, on their individual Ipads.. LOL)

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