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Arrived in Guang Zhou

11th January: I arrived in Guang Zhou safely. It would have been a good journey nay the fact I was feeling sick throughout most of it. It started with a piercing headache when I got on the plane. Then I
had a really bad tummy bug throughout the evening.

Ended up barfing into the porcelain queen sometime during midnight...
*sigh* Everything was a blur throughout the evening.

The trip from the White Cloud Airport to Duo Buo took approximately an hour's time on the subway. The ticket was about 8 yuan, with one transfer.

I found out that is banned in China.Well, so you guys will have to refer to this during my time here.

12th January: This morning I am feeling a lot better. Had fish congee
for breakky at one of the chee cheong fan shops near the hotel.
Still woozy and would feel like barfing if I look at any food besides congee.
Surprisingly by afternoon, was a bit better. Somehow managed to wolf
down a KFC colonel burger! I wouldn't say I was feeling that much better, but the queasiness was
settling down.

We took the subway to Zhong San Bat (Middle Mountain Eight) to have a
look at children's clothing. There was a lot of people shopping in lieu of th upcoming Chinese New
Year. From what I heard, some of the shops were closing tomorrow to
prepare for the New Year celebrations!

We headed again to KFC in the evening for some tea. I couldn't read the chinese menu to save my life, but ordering was in Cantonese, so that was not a problem.

It was 18 yuan for three instant coffees and 9 yuan for two portuguese starts in KFC.
Going home during peak time with some heavy purchases was an experience. Fortunately the subways were frequent coming at 5 mins interval each time.

I'm sending this from some stolen wifi I picked up from near the
hotel... But obviously I typed this through out the day when I had
time to sit down.

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