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3rd day in Guang Zhou

13th January: So this morning we headed to Guang Zhou Railway Station.
It was about 4 yuan for the journey, with one transfer.
Exiting the station, we headed to Bak Ma (White Horse) to do some
shopping. However as it was too early in the winter season, not many
retailers were stocking summer clothing yet.

There were a few shops stocking Korean style clothing, and managed by
korean people as well. Anyways, we spent the morning looking at

A conversation that took place at the shops.
SA: You guys are 'wah kiu'? (foreign born chinese)
Me: yeah we are.
SA: You speak 'bak wah' (local language = cantonese) well. I wouldn't
have thought you were 'Wah kiu'.
Me: I mix with HongKies a lot that's why.
SA: your relative sounds like a 'Wah Kiu' though.
Me: oh, you meant that relative with me earlier ? That's my mom. I
have no idea why she sounds like a 'Wah kiu'.

Then headed to the building next door to do more shopping. The prices
of the clothes ranged from 19 yuan to 50 yuan per piece onwards to as
much as 100 yuan for three pieces.

Please don't forget to haggle even in these places.
Even though prices were in yuan, in true Cantonese fashion, the
Cantonese people still call it 'man kai' or 'mun', as they do in Kuala
The thing about boarding the subways is that the city is immensely
dense, hence its always busy. But the trains come at frequent
intervals and are fast.

There is no free wifi either, from what I have seen, unless your
handheld is able to pick up stray unsecured connection near where you
are located. access is blocked... Don't ask me why. Ask
the government.

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