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My Parkson Estee Lauder Haul

My RM300 Estee Lauder Haul goodies!
So I was waiting for a good promotion before I would buy some perfume. Turns out today was the day. I went shopping with a mate at Sunway Pyramid today, and so happened that Parkson had their cash voucher promotion (of purchase of every RM100 (for Promotion Voucher) and RM150 (for Discount voucher). This probably happened today as I did not see the extra RM10 promotion a few days earlier when I was there.

Earlier today, I had gone to SASA earlier and spritzed myself with Tresor in Love, and was thinking even about the Chanel au fraire that a mate, Kathleen showed me at Myers many months ago.

As I had tried the Pleasures range of fragrances from Estee Lauder recently, I was inclined in that direction. It ended with a Estee Lauder range after some spraying, commenting and feedback.

My RM300 Estee Lauder haul coffret consisted of:
- 1 x 100ml Estee Lauder Pleasures Bloom
- 1 x Pure Color - Tiger Eye Shimmer Long Lasting Lipstick Rouge
- 1 x Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara
- 1 x Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil.

Plus, I was invited to attend a 1 hour make up consultation with their Estee Lauder make up artist Adrian, which was only extended to customers who made the eligible purchase of RM200 and above!

This also included in-store Parkson Rm50 promotion vouchers, which consisted of
- 2 x Parkson Rm10 Discount Voucher
- 3 x Parkson Rm10 Promotional Voucher (not valid for Cosmetics &
Fragrances purchases).

I ended up filling in a new customer profile for Estee Lauder as the BA asked me to fill in one.
Hence, I had only paid about RM250 as I got back in return RM50 cash voucher to use on other products in any Parkson outlet! Woo hoo!

What do you think? Good promotion?
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Chinese New Year: Day 2 Fashion.

Here's a happy post for the Chinese New Year. I received lots of compliments for these pictures on my Facebook profile, so I thought I might add them here too for my readers. Enjoy!

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What If I had not gone to Australia?


What If I had not gone to Australia?

I'm really wondering how many people even read blogs anymore. With the advent of Facebook, blogs are probably becoming redundant. Anyways, FB is a lot more secure as I know who my readers are.

I was just going through this blog from the last eight years ago. It has been that long. There were some questions I asked myself.

What would I do if the same question was posed to me six years later? What would I have done? Would I have changed my mind?

On the day that I asked God whether it was really His will for me to head to Australia was one of the hardest decisions that I had made. To trust God for his direction and provision.

There is a reason for certain things to happen.Perhaps it would have been for the better. I went overseas for the last 4.8 of the 6 years. What if I had not gone to Australia?

I would still be in Malaysia, and would not even have considered Australian permanency. True, I could still have completed my bachelors degree locally.

However I would not have had all this lovely experiences of working in Australia in the childcare centre and meeting all the lovely new people. I would also not have travelled on my own to New Zealand, South Korea, or even Japan.

I would also not have picked up the korean language, and met my wonderful eonni. Or even attend a korean church in Strathfield.

It probably just means that I would not have been able to lead such a rich and fulfilling life of living my life overseas.
I picked a different path. It still hurts when I look back and think about it. However, I had chosen this route. I believe He will lead me to a better place than where I have come from....

Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow

Because He lives, all fear is gone. 
Because I know, I know He holds the future, 
And Life is worth the living, Just because he lives.
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Chor 1: Chinese New Year 2012.

To all my readers,


Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year for 2012, the year of the Dragon. Being in Malaysia, we call it Chinese New Year. For everywhere else, who is not chinese, they would call it Lunar New Year (to be politically correct).

The first day of Chinese New Year in my family is spent visiting the eldest relative of the family. For mine, as well as the fact that I am still single and unmarried, I still follow the protocol of visiting my Poh-Poh, which is my grandmother on my mother's side.

We normally have vegetarian on the first day of Chinese New Year. There are 15 days in the Chinese New Year celebration.

Adrian is also back for the New Year, so I am thrilled. He lives nearby, so its easy for us to head out at least till he heads back to Brisbane in February!

Chai Zhoy on Chor 1
CNY cookies
My lovely purple pink cheongsam
Red, purple and pink are good colours to wear for the New Year! Actually, any new clothes apart from black is good..

Some bits of the cheongsam
The Ipad Cousin Mahjong KL Conference. *LOL*
So all my cousins were gathered, bringing their Ipads... (the newest toy).. and playing a round of Mahjong KL ( you guess it, on their individual Ipads.. LOL)
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Movie Outing: The Viral Factor.


Movie Outing: The Viral Factor.

After being sick for almost two days in a row, I have somehow recovered. I couldn't stand being at home cooped up, hence a movie outing sounded like a good idea.

Wanted to watch Mission Impossible 3, but that did not turn out, so I ended up going with Jason to instead watch The Viral Factor at IOI Mall tonight.

Anyway, The Viral Factor stars Nicholas Tse, Jay Chou and a couple of other Hong Kong actors. The movie takes place in about four languages, with Jay Chou speaking in Mandarin, Nicholas Tse and the Hongkie actors in Cantonese, and the rest in American? English and Bahasa Melayu.

Guess what? The movie somehow takes place somehow "realistically" entirely in Kuala Lumpur.

The movie portrays KL as being very high tech, but I have my doubts on that.. maybe Tourism Department is trying to sell the Malaysian image as a country with high security... LOL.
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Down with a fever.


Down with a fever.

I haven't been sick in a long long while. Today is one of those nights...

Had a temperature, head was hot and heavy.Thought I was going to die or something...

That night in Guang Zhou doesn't count. That was due to the cabin pressure on high skies.

Let's pray I'm well enough by tomorrow.

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Fossil: 'Sutter' Leather Crossbody Handbag


Fossil: 'Sutter' Leather Crossbody Handbag

That apparently is the model of my bag.

I didn't even notice that my bag was made of real leather till my mother made a remark about it some weeks ago.

Year of model:2010

It apparently retails for min USD118, but would cost more in Sydney obviously. I can't remember how much I paid for it though.

I'll put a picture up once I have cleaned the bag.

The Fossil shop in One Utama apparently uses Amway Vinyl & Leather cleaning solution to clean their leather goods. So I thought that was a good start.

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Two Weeks to Port from Hotlink to U Mobile Sim.


Two Weeks to Port from Hotlink to U Mobile Sim.

So it took about two weeks to port from Maxis Hotlink to U Mobile.

I made a paper application at one of the stalls. So that was an
"offline manual" application. That was on a Friday, 30th Dec 2011
(being that it was the day before New Year).

One can only imagine why it took so long a time to process the application.....
I finally had my U mobile sim activated on 16th January 2012. I received a text message from U mobile on my Hotlink sim on 15th January 2012. It took about 24 hours after receiving the text message
before I could finally use the U mobile sim.

So far the connection has been "okay", dropping periodically, and
roaming to Celcom every now then. Fortunately the 'roaming' part is
free, else I'd have immediately revert to some other network.

It's cheap, so what can I say? Paying RM28 for 1 GB, that's as cheapest goes.

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Day 4 in Guang Zhou.

Day 4 in Guang Zhou.

On our last day in Guang Zhou, we went for 'yum cha' in a dim sum
place. 'Yum Cha' in its original term means to have dim sum in
cantonese. However its meaning has evolved to 'teh tarik' in Malaysia

It was a lovely yum cha in a place called 'Toh Toh Gui'. We ordered
loh mai kai, congee with 'yau zha gwai', and lots more goodies.
After that, my mom took us around to look for jade (more like her
shopping than me), and I went and made a name "chop" stamper for
myself. The cost? 70 Yuan for one with a goat figurine.

The roads were packed. The only phrase were to describe this
pre-Chinese New Year congestion was "Yan Shan Yan Hoi" (People
Mountain People Sea).

Basically we just spent the day shopping for more stuff. In general,
if it was not for the conversion rate, things would be a lot more
expensive in China.

Imagine, who actually pays 9 yuan for a bowl of "hong dao sa" or 18
yuan for a "mong guo peng sai mai loh" (sago mango).. thats craziness.
I only RM4 or less for a hong dao sa in KL..

Going to the airport, we called a cab from the hotel we were staying.
It cost about 115 yuan (including paging) for the one way trip there.
The cab driver was really chatty talking to my dad (mostly) whilst my
mom and I sat behind.

In China, the driver sits on the left and the passenger sits on the
right seat (like in the USA).

All in all, it was a good eye opening experience shopping in Guang
Zhou nonetheless. If it weren't for my going to Guang Zhou, I would
not really look at the chinese words on the notices around me.. now
that I am back in Kuala Lumpur after my trip to Guang Zhou, I actually
take more notice of the chinese words. The irony is that everything
here is read in Mandarin though.

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Day 3 in Guang Zhou: Dinner.


Day 3 in Guang Zhou: Dinner.

So I'm now typing this from the computer in the Business Centre of one of the Home Inns hotels in Guang Zhou.It's actually just a computer with a printer on the side located near the front entrance.
I was trying to access my blogspot web earlier, but it turns out that the page would not load for whatever reason. Perhaps it is for the same reason why my Facebook would not load either.
Tonight we ordered chicken rice with half a fish with two bowls of rice for three persons. The bill came up to about 85 yuan.I am not sure if that is expensive but considering its near hotels, the prices may have been inflated?
After dinner, I requested to have tong shui. Considering that most of our tong shui in KL has its origin in Canton, wouldn't it make sense for us to go and see the tong shui that they have originally here?
I wanted to order tong yuen, but my mother disassuaded me with the excuse that glutinuous is difficult to 'siu fah' (digest)  from ordering considering that I have not been well in the last two days.... Oh well. So I ended up order ginko boiled snow pear. Not exactly the most appetising tong shui, but at least it is "ching" (clear).
It seems that Guang Zhou has been invaded by people migrating in from the other regions of China. You can tell when almost half the people I meet speak Cantonese with a funny accent.
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3rd day in Guang Zhou


3rd day in Guang Zhou

13th January: So this morning we headed to Guang Zhou Railway Station.
It was about 4 yuan for the journey, with one transfer.
Exiting the station, we headed to Bak Ma (White Horse) to do some
shopping. However as it was too early in the winter season, not many
retailers were stocking summer clothing yet.

There were a few shops stocking Korean style clothing, and managed by
korean people as well. Anyways, we spent the morning looking at

A conversation that took place at the shops.
SA: You guys are 'wah kiu'? (foreign born chinese)
Me: yeah we are.
SA: You speak 'bak wah' (local language = cantonese) well. I wouldn't
have thought you were 'Wah kiu'.
Me: I mix with HongKies a lot that's why.
SA: your relative sounds like a 'Wah Kiu' though.
Me: oh, you meant that relative with me earlier ? That's my mom. I
have no idea why she sounds like a 'Wah kiu'.

Then headed to the building next door to do more shopping. The prices
of the clothes ranged from 19 yuan to 50 yuan per piece onwards to as
much as 100 yuan for three pieces.

Please don't forget to haggle even in these places.
Even though prices were in yuan, in true Cantonese fashion, the
Cantonese people still call it 'man kai' or 'mun', as they do in Kuala
The thing about boarding the subways is that the city is immensely
dense, hence its always busy. But the trains come at frequent
intervals and are fast.

There is no free wifi either, from what I have seen, unless your
handheld is able to pick up stray unsecured connection near where you
are located. access is blocked... Don't ask me why. Ask
the government.

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Arrived in Guang Zhou

Arrived in Guang Zhou

11th January: I arrived in Guang Zhou safely. It would have been a good journey nay the fact I was feeling sick throughout most of it. It started with a piercing headache when I got on the plane. Then I
had a really bad tummy bug throughout the evening.

Ended up barfing into the porcelain queen sometime during midnight...
*sigh* Everything was a blur throughout the evening.

The trip from the White Cloud Airport to Duo Buo took approximately an hour's time on the subway. The ticket was about 8 yuan, with one transfer.

I found out that is banned in China.Well, so you guys will have to refer to this during my time here.

12th January: This morning I am feeling a lot better. Had fish congee
for breakky at one of the chee cheong fan shops near the hotel.
Still woozy and would feel like barfing if I look at any food besides congee.
Surprisingly by afternoon, was a bit better. Somehow managed to wolf
down a KFC colonel burger! I wouldn't say I was feeling that much better, but the queasiness was
settling down.

We took the subway to Zhong San Bat (Middle Mountain Eight) to have a
look at children's clothing. There was a lot of people shopping in lieu of th upcoming Chinese New
Year. From what I heard, some of the shops were closing tomorrow to
prepare for the New Year celebrations!

We headed again to KFC in the evening for some tea. I couldn't read the chinese menu to save my life, but ordering was in Cantonese, so that was not a problem.

It was 18 yuan for three instant coffees and 9 yuan for two portuguese starts in KFC.
Going home during peak time with some heavy purchases was an experience. Fortunately the subways were frequent coming at 5 mins interval each time.

I'm sending this from some stolen wifi I picked up from near the
hotel... But obviously I typed this through out the day when I had
time to sit down.

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Porting to U Mobile


Porting to U Mobile

My Hotlink data plan expired yesterday. There's no credit and no subscription. My Nokia E63 is now effectively a media player, completely reliant on wifi connection now.

I had made an application to port my number to U Mobile. It was done manually by paper at one of their booths in Kuchai Lama last Friday. Its now Sunday, and I am still using my Hotlink number. *Sighhhhhhh*

U Mobile has a cheaper data plan for about Rm28 for a 1GB data plan with 200 free SMS to any network. Not sure if that's enough coz of the websites that I surf when tethering are data intensive. Sigh.

Now I am typing this on my cousin's Ipad keyboard which is seriously convenient. Ipads are fast. I just need a qwerty keyboard to go with it. However the Kensington keyboard is expensive (about RM300). *crazy* Just making my obligatory visits to see my grandmother today, else I will never hear the end of it of not being a good grand daughter. LOL.

Hey, my ex, Jason just called. called. That's interesting.

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The Lust for Instant Gratification


The Lust for Instant Gratification

So I'm finally back to typing on the computer. It does seem a bit archaic after having used my mobile phone to write my blog entries. Anyways, I was just thinking today how the mobile phone has changed the way we live our lives.

It allows: 
1) More independence & multi tasking:
 I am able to separate to walk on my own to look for things I need at the bookshop when I am out with others. When the mobile phone was not made available, I had to agree to meet a mate at a certain time and arrive by that time. We would also know the number of our mate's home numbers, and we will call up the home to ask what time our friend had left their homes to make an estimate of their time of arrival.

(Actually, I still do that when I am out with my parents, and I had accidentally left the phone at home. Hmmm)

2) Receiving the latest market news instantly. 
Granted, the mobile phone is useful for business, and capturing market share. But it is not useful for budding friendships and relationships with the those of the opposite gender.

There is this friend of mine, Jason, who constantly scanned his Samsung handheld for my Facebook updates. He's about 14 months younger than I am (he's not that young!), and told me that one night when we were out.

It was meant to be a compliment to me (he did not think much about it), but then I realised much later the implications of it. It basically meant he read so much of my Facebook updates that he did not have to call me to find out what I was doing.....

Jason also constantly texted me ... sigh, why do guys always like to text? I guess that men hate talking?

After having a think of how mobile internet is affecting the way we do things, I have decided to put some changes into the way I live my life.

1) Delaying my mobile phone push email sync.
It just means that I have access to my emails the moment I receive it. I never realised it, but I realised that that is not a good thing... Sure it is good for all business matters.

However in my private time, I do not like the idea of being connected 24/7. Hence I changed the settings of receiving my mails to four hours later on my mobile phone. That is a lot considering that it used to be ASAP. *LOL*

2) The Instant Instant Connection. But Really? 

Recently, I realised how the use of Internet Messaging, Facebooking, Twittering, and even Text Messaging (SMS) has changed the way we perceive and use the mobile phone.

Did you know that accessing IM on your mobile phone causes the handset to run out of battery more quickly?

I am also limiting the use of IM to the times when I know I have access to a computer, or I would have loads of spare time to be not distracted from "real time connection" from those who are physically with me. Don't tell me that you are not guilty of doing that, isn't it?

I am limiting my Text Messaging to relaying information, and to confirm certain information, but having text messaging conversations?

Seriously, where does that even lead to anyways? If you really wanted to have a "real" conversation with someone, I say pick up the phone and call that mate of yours then you can have a "real 3 dimension" verbal conversation with them. 

Weaning my Internet Connection: 

Anyways, to wean me off my internet and mobile phone connection, I have tentatively decided that I may turn off my mobile phone when I am out at night, or something of that sort. I say may.. you know how these things turn out.. LOL.

Okay readers, ciao. I have some me time for myself now. Going to hand make some precious Chinese New Year gifts for some of my mates..

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