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My new Hotlink prepaid number.

So it's Monday now. Finally got over my jet lag. Was real grumpy on Sunday, with three hours difference and not enough sleep.

Today I applied for a Maxis Hotlink prepaid number. Haven't had a prepaid mobile number in KL for ages!

Unlike Australia, internet data doesn't come with your basic prepaid plan. Well, at least with Maxis Hotlink as far as I know. The cheapest is Rm8 for hourly use.

Considering the minimum pay that the average Malaysian earns, I think its highway robbery what the local telcos here are charging for internet.

In Australia, the average minimum pay is aud18 for an adult. A recharge of aud50 from Optus includes unlimited calls to local numbers, unlimited local text messaging, unlimited social website surfing, and aud900 odd to make your foreign calls. That's really a bargain compared to what Malaysians have to pay.

The sim pack was RM8.80. The recharge was RM10. I paid an additional Rm98 for Hotlink 3GB data. That's about Aud33. And that's just for data! The nerve!

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. How unconsumer friendly.

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