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Monash Sunway, here I come!

My mom was going headed for a fishing expedition and dragged me along. Turned out the car we were going in was not big enough to accommodate the number of persons going...
Luckily it was barely 12ish pm yet. So I was thrown off the group, and had to make the sad decision to head home.

Then I took all my paperwork and documentation and drove to Monash Sunway.

Yes, I finally drive on my own the first in three weeks time. LOL. There was a bit of traffic congestion midway. Remind me to recharge the Touch N Go card with credit so I can avoid the traffic jam!!
I spoke to a Counsellor who took all my documentation and made copies of it to be certified true copy.
I did ask her about the Matapelajaran Wajib which is some nonsensical requirement under Act 555 for all higher education institutions, by the Department of Education in 1996 where all Malaysian citizens have to complete 3 compulsory subjects.

Really, what does it achieve? Harmony is not created through studying. Its through practice, as I realised from conversations with parents of the children of the three to five year old children that I supervise in the Montessori centre.

The counsellor did not say much, but of course, if I decide to graduate in Malaysia, I would need to head back to Prime College to get a transcript for that. Maybe they may take my Institute CECE transcript as substitute instead. That just depends on where I choose to graduate eventually.

She waived the Rm100 for application fee to Sunway Monash! *wee hee* Well, now I have an extra Rm100 for use on more important things!

The application was easier due to the fact that I had previously applied for enrollment to UTS, so all my important documents were there.

The only annoying thing was the fact that the institution required my Year 11/SPM certificate, and apparently I had to declare that I had done Year 12/A Levels. Like really, who bloody cares if you did Year 11 or A Levels when you already have your Bachelors, isn't it???

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