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Jo in Korea

Jo arrived safely in Korea on Friday with her husband, Ricky.

I decided to ring her, and made a couple of calls to her house but no one picked up. Finally her second sister picked up, so I had no other option but to answer in my pidgin and not very fluent Korean.

The elder sister went on this excited spiel about how my korean has improved heaps. I ended up speaking mandarin to her (she speaks mandarin as well) instead. LOL.

Later I found Ricky on skype. I called him on voice, but the wifi connection was not too good. I think skype texting might be our only stable way of contact unless the wifi connection improves for the better.

They had asked me to go to Korea, but really, I don't need to go to Korea the third time round unless it was necessary. I am hoping they are coming to KL this time around instead.

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