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Korean Hair Manicure

On Monday afternoon, I made a visit to the korean hair salon on Liverpool St. (near World Plaza) for a Hair Manicure. I paid 99aud for threw hair manicure and hair cut.

I was thinking of having a hand manicure, but one can get that done anywhere in Australia.
But Hair Manicure? That technique is only available in korean, and perhaps japanese hair salons.

The entire process took an hour. First the hairdresser washed and dried my hair.

The 'hair manicure' application is done similarly to that of a hair colouring application. The treatment used has some colour in it, so your hair would have some tint on it thereafter.

The hairdresser advised me to not wash my hair until Wednesday.

The starting price was 99aud onwards, depending on hair length. Some shops quoted me 120aud for my hair length.

How does it look? Well, it does look shinier a bit, and brown....

Hmm... the hair does look somewhat tinted... (I am actually a bit at loss for words how to describe it). Just shinier.

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