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Holiday: First Day of Leisure

Woke up in the morning at Jo's place, watching an episode of FRIENDS.

The episode was a fantasy sequence of what could have happened if Rachel had actually married Barry... And Monica (in a fat suit) had a date with Chandler. As it was Courtney Cox Arquette in the opening credits, I knew it definitely wasn't from the first season.

Next I headed to UTS library, sleeping for an hour there. LOL....

Wandered around the city, and received an email from this singles socials event planner, First Impressions. They informed me that my mates and I have been booked into an event on Tuesday evening.
Wooo! So excited! First time attending an event of this nature in Australia. I wonder who shall we meet tomorrow??

Ended up heading to FORCAST and bought a nice sundress for 29aud. Next, I headed to the korean hair salon on Liverpool St. for a Hair Manicure, which I paid 99aud.

I wouldnt mind going for a manicure, but one can get that done anywhere in Australia. But Hair Manicure? That technique is only available in korean, and perhaps japanese hair salons. The hairdresser advised me to not wash my hair until Wednesday.

The 'hair manicure' application is done similarly to that of a hair colouring application. The treatment used has some colour in it, so your hair would have some tint on it thereafter. The starting price was 99aud onwards, depending on hair length.

I ended the day by catching a screening of 'Midnight in Paris' with Pom at Events Cinema. It wasnt exactly my kind of movie, but more for those who appreciate literature.....

Before leaving, we decided to sit down to a light supper of waffles with caramel chocolate sauce, strawberries and vanilla ice- cream on the side.YUM.

So that ended my first day of leisure...... Tomorrow begins my start of some serious study at home. At least in the morning anyways!

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