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Thank You God for everything.

In spite of everything that has happened at work and with school, I want thank you God for everything.
Even though the lady that came did not stay, I believe You have someone better.

Thank You for Parents at school whose words provide encouragement that my time spent with the children have been worth it, and they do appreciate the effort I have put in.
Thank You for strength when I am physically fatigued, and feel like quitting, and walking out.
Thank You for the company of people that puts a smile through the time of doing my assignment.
Thank You for teaching me the meaning of persisting in being a leader, and preparing role models.
Thank You for giving me wisdom when I most need it in the most unexpected ways.
Thank You for reminding me that I can hold You to Your Words, and that You will grant me when I persist in asking for it.
Thank You God that I can be here to praise You though I dont do that enough.

Finally, thank You God for showing me your love in so many little ways though I sometimes do not know what I am doing, and feel that You are far away. You keep showing me your goodness, that I know it is Your Hand that is working in all situations that gives me the Hope to persist on.


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