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Ice Coffee@ Myers Sydney

Ice Coffee @ Foodoo Coffee Lounge. YUM!

So I met one of the Chinese Indonesian parents of my children after I ordered an Ice Coffee whilst at Myers. She was Nicholas' mother. She would be heading to KL for a trip some time in April next year. 

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Sydney: Grey skies are gonna clear up.

A recent photo taken wearing a lovely flirty purple dress last Sunday
near Haymarkets. Summer is here!!

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Mascot: Higher Living Very Berry Organic Herbal Infusion.

The berry inspired tea.

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Qantas has very bad customer service.

Qantas has very bad customer service.

Just watched a Channel 24 news about the Qantas flight disputes. A customer just said this about the third time Qantas has grounded their flights.

Not just in Australia, but internationally, leaving all customers stranded.

I'm thinking twice about flying with Qantas in future now.

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Thank You God for everything.


Thank You God for everything.

In spite of everything that has happened at work and with school, I want thank you God for everything.
Even though the lady that came did not stay, I believe You have someone better.

Thank You for Parents at school whose words provide encouragement that my time spent with the children have been worth it, and they do appreciate the effort I have put in.
Thank You for strength when I am physically fatigued, and feel like quitting, and walking out.
Thank You for the company of people that puts a smile through the time of doing my assignment.
Thank You for teaching me the meaning of persisting in being a leader, and preparing role models.
Thank You for giving me wisdom when I most need it in the most unexpected ways.
Thank You for reminding me that I can hold You to Your Words, and that You will grant me when I persist in asking for it.
Thank You God that I can be here to praise You though I dont do that enough.

Finally, thank You God for showing me your love in so many little ways though I sometimes do not know what I am doing, and feel that You are far away. You keep showing me your goodness, that I know it is Your Hand that is working in all situations that gives me the Hope to persist on.


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The Power of Words and Action.


The Power of Words and Action.

If you have read my entries, you'd have known that my weekends for the past three over years was spent learning something. Which in the past years was korean language. As a result, I'm now fairly conversant in Korean.

About three months back, a Thai mate of mine and I were scouting for college courses at TAFE and UTS. I ended up enrolling and studying.

Now three months on, I see the same mate getting her academic papers certified true copy. I believe that Actions do speak louder than words.

So what I am about to write about happened one day over dinner..... Like most adventures, thats how it started....

Over Vietnamese pho for dinner one weekend with three of us, a Thai, a Korean, and a Malaysian, I proclaimed that as women living in Sydney, we had to do something of value for each day that we lived.

'We all work hard year in year out, and the years are just passing away. As women, we are not getting any younger. I dont want to live my life like that. I have a goal (which I shall privately if you ask nicely). But before one can do that, one first needs to have the desire to reach it.

Do you have that desire? What are you doing about it?'

One mate jokingly threw a challenge. If that's the case, why not lets pray to reach ours in approximately 14 months? Then we meet back at the end of that time period and share our results.

So this evening while having dinner with the Korean mate, I heard that the Thai mate had  heeded my words and put that into action. The fire spread to another over the phone to a HK mate. And then finally back to me.

The scene has been set. We shall come together in 14 months and let the outcome be known.

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So I woke up at eight this morning. The Nokia mobile phone is a sure winner in the alarm clock department.
Was supposed to attend an Exam Skills workshop at UTS this morning. But when I called up Student Services yesterday for room details, it was not updated in the database. So much for that.

Have you ever had a felt a certain conviction that you thought maybe right?
Well, this thought has been running through my mind in the last week. Its been interrupting my sleep, driving me totally bonkers.

Im not sure if its a divine conviction, or a sleep deprived one. But I know for some strange impeccable timing, the conviction becomes even stronger when I listen to Chinese Gospel music.

But thats how convictions are like, isnt it? Perhaps the Lord is trying to tell me something.
Only time will tell.

Else, like every other 'conviction' I might have dreamed of (like losing weight) will go down the drain.
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Funny Thoughts


Funny Thoughts

Thats all I think about.
You're all I thought of tonight. Its hard enough for me to sleep. I keep listening to Chinese Gospel music, and my mind keeps drifting away.
My eyes are closed. My head spinning. my heart is pumping.
That was meant to sound dramatic, OK?? Who asked you to read???
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A meet up.


A meet up.

So one fine day early this week, this chap whom I met on a social website asked me to meet him for coffee on Saturday. We'll call him Ron.

Ron is Indonesian Chinese, and 30ish. He's in the IT Management Systems.
I cant remember who contacted whom, but I was really busy with uni that I didnt keep touch for a month. So when I initiated contact again, he straight away asked to meet for coffee. Fast mover, eh?

Since my calendar was almost free then (*I have a lot of paperwork to do up the last I checked), I agreed.
We'll be meeting in the city. It should be an interesting meet up.

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Customer Service: NAB


Customer Service: NAB

So i finally received a reply this evening from NAB after putting in an Electronic Transaction Dispute form on my Internet Banking.

Apparently there is a wait time of 5 days minimum before getting a response. Its been 3 work days so far.
The person who replied the email asked if the problem was resolved as I HAD contacted their call centre. Obviously not.

Not even one dime was returned to me yet.

So i replied the email. This really isnt much to do with NAB, as the fault lies with Malaysia Airlines' server.
However I need my bank to act as an intermediary to facilitate the process. Hence.

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Countdown to Exams.


Countdown to Exams.

So I have just finished a group presentation with my International Management group.

That's one group assignment down, and now its two assignment, one being a group presentation, which is mostly on paper,
and one personal assignment.

Our presentation was quite "dry". Heh.

What can I say? Then again, most of the others were too. LOL.

Then its down to 2 lots of three hours written examination. One on the 23rd Nov, (International Management), and one on morning of 28th November.

Today I put down an application for leave with the boss. She shot it down, without even asking the reasons for the leave application. However I was advised to re-apply for the leave putting in the reasons as well.
Anyways, since it's seven weeks to go before my examinations, who knows who may come for an interview within these 7 weeks. She's just worried that she can't find a replacement with the same qualifications..
which I feel really does not have any basis, since she managed to find me. Heh.

So guys, pray that my boss can find a replacement. Yes, so I can get off work and finally do what I have to do!
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No reply from Malaysian Airlines.

No reply from Malaysian Airlines.

So it's been more than 24 hours now.

I have yet to receive a further reply from Malaysian Airlines yet.

Still waiting... waiting.. waiting.
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I don't show my cards

I don't show my cards

Not until the guy has.

Well, isnt that true anyways?
Thanks but 'hanging out' isnt one of those options in my past time. My time becomes more precious as I get older, and I've got things to focus on.

Anyways, I'm meeting a fellow I met online this weekend. He sounds like a proper person. It should be an interesting meet up.

My mates are digging me for all the finer details.
It's been a while. LOL.

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Malaysia Airlines: Double Charge on my NAB Visa Debit card.


Malaysia Airlines: Double Charge on my NAB Visa Debit card.

So this is my grievance against Malaysia Airlines.

On Sunday midnight, I had made a purchase on MHMobile for an airline ticket departing from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur.

It went through. Fine, and I thought was the end of it.

However, the same evening, when I went to had a look at my Internet Banking with NAB (National Australia Bank), I noticed that my savings account had very minimal amount left.

I then went and had a look through the transactions and realised that the transaction that took place on the MHMobile platform on my Nokia mobile phone had gone less than perfect.

It seems that two lots of AUD945.61 had been debited. And it showed on my Internet Banking!!

So the next thing I did was look through my email, and confirmed that I only received one Passenger Electronic Ticket from Malaysia Airlines.

The first thing I did was to inform my bank about this incident via my Internet Banking message system.

A search on the Malaysia Airlines website shows a few ways to contact MAS, via Twitter and through their contact. 

A search on some forums shows that this is not the first time this incident has happened, and a forum user even provided an email address with a similar case to mine.

Hence, I wrote a letter and sent it to that address which was The MAS Twitter also provided me another email address to which they are supposedly going to follow up with the case...?

As I did not receive a reply by evening, I decided to give MAS a call at their local office in Kuala Lumpur... well, that was a wild goose chase. Even though I was connected to a representative, I ended up being transferred around for at least half an hour. I ended up having had to terminate the call as it was International Call made from my mobile phone!

I received a reply at 20:00 hours Sydney time (finally!), to which they asked me for the visa debit card number that I used for the transaction. I quickly replied by sending them the card number.

I did not receive another reply for another 24 hours until 19:38 hours Sydney time today, to which they said to me,
"Our findings today shows that you have only charge for one transaction only from your credit as reported by our payment gateway. Thus, we would suggest you to provide credit card statement which show double charge in order for us to check further.
We attached herewith the reported amount through our payment gateway view."
So I replied to them:
Thank you for your response.

Attached is the print screen of the transaction that took place. The amount that was debited is not a small amount, and from my research on the Internet, it seems that I would not be the first  customer to have experienced this problem.

This is the first time I have had this incident happened with my card, and that happened when using your Malaysian Airlines website payment platform.

Although the statement that you provided shows that, but the fact is my account has been debited twice due to no fault of mine.

I did not reclick the page, but waited as per the instructions on the page until the transaction was processed before I clicked the page. 

So please ask your department to rectify this problem and refund the amount that was debited to my account.

We shall see when the next reply will be received next.

Okay, thankfully the double charge did not appear. It was a technical difficulty, but still worrisome.
Group Assignments in progress


Group Assignments in progress

Today our Int. Management group had our final weekend get together group discussion for our presentation next week.

It was good experience to watch Byron, our team leader as he led the group. I learnt a bit of leadership skills from him too, now that I have a Managing Work Pple group assignment due by the end of the October.

The team leader has to constantly communicate and remind all members of the team to put in their part of the work else everyone will start to slack.

Which reminds me, now I have to start slinging more emails to the team members......

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Work or not to work?


Work or not to work?

So I just met with a friend who came down from Tasmania today. Since she is a mother of a one year old child and is also working, she had a better understanding of the childcare benefit system.

Childcare was at least minimum about 16k Aud per year for five days a week in Tasmania. Whereas it was about 25k Aud per year for the rate in Sydney.

Considering that my current childcare workplace charges 70Aud for preschool and 75 for nursery per day, and does not provide food, and is located half an hour from the city by train,
that is considered expensive.

If one parent is not earning at least 50k minimum treshold, it was not worth going back to work, as the childcare charges is enough to eat off the entire wages earned. With a second child, one parent should be earning 75k.

There is also a yearly rebate for each child when doing tax returns, which is about 8k but I am not sure if this for combined incomes, or on a single income.

Hence, I think as a result of this, many people have opted to put themselves as 'single parents', as the benefit for them is much more. Or some couples opt to divorce, separate, but still live under the same roof.

Tsk Tsk Tsk.
Really abusing the tax system.

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Day 1: Easing into Reverse Diet.


Day 1: Easing into Reverse Diet.

Today is the start of my new diet/eating plan.

I didnt have much for dinner last night, so that probably cleared out my digestive system for this morning?

For breakfast, I had
- some egg omelette with lap cheong. I dont really like oily food in the morning, nor cooking if I dont have the time to cook, much less wash up after. So this was premade the evening before.
- 1 mug hot chocolate
- 1.5 slices of bread with peanut butter spread

Lunch: Black Bean Chicken with rice. Standard Meal size.

Dinner: 6 piece nuggets, french fries, and Coke Zero.

I ordered chicken nuggets as compared to Big Mac as the burger is not very filling, and even though on Medium portion, I get hungry after two hours. So Big Macs are a total waste of money, as compared to 6 piece nuggets.

I think the key to eating for dinner size portions in this diet plan is to eat moderate sized meals, and not gorge yourself, having enough to last till the next morning.

As for breakfast portions, it's should be enough to avoid snacking before lunch. As I dont have time to even snack throughout the day, having large breakfast would work better in my case.

I just bought
- Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets(12 sachets),
- Coles Wholemeal Bread
- 2 x Kettle Multigrain Chips.
Total Price: Aud11.36

I normally prefer Doritos, but I thought I'd try Multi Grain chips for a change. As I prefer to have my breakfast hot, and something preferably Low G.I, I thought Quick Oats would be good to try out instead.

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Breakfast Like a King


Breakfast Like a King

So it's close to that time of the year. I'm in the midst of preparing to be one of two bridesmaids at a close friend's wedding in Kuala Lumpur in the first week of December.

That means I have about ten weeks from now to prepare.

One of the things I truly dislike about winter is that people tend to put on excess baggage. It's not something we can avoid as the cold weather makes people naturally eat more and put on more clothing to withstand the cold.

It's not that bad here in Sydney as in South Korea, but winter is still winter nonetheless.

So I'm thinking to go on a weight watch in the next ten weeks to lose the needed kilos to be able to fit that lovely bridesmaid dress, and also that reception dinner dress.

I was initially thinking of following the Tony Ferguson diet, but then I read the Reverse Diet, which actually makes more sense to me. Well, the Reverse Diet isn't a new thing, but it's better than the other diet of breaking up three meals into 5 or 6 small different meals helps the body to digest the food. Which is not practical for me. 

However, eating in Reverse i.e the adage, 'Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper' sounds more welcoming to me.

As for following Tony Ferguson's diet, I could use some of their products for my benefit. They do have some products which contains all the minerals and less calories yet tastes great, as well as will assist in weight loss, but I would not recommend Tony Ferguson for people in Malaysia, as the products cost a lot (in Australian dollars).

It costs more than what Malaysians would generally pay for their meals, but similar to what Aussies would pay for a meal outside, so that does not make that much of a difference.

Anyways, to start off, I would go on having a hearty breakfast with healthy low G.I foods to kickstart the ball rolling. As much as I love bacon and roll, they are just too difficult to make for breakfast and involves too much time cleaning up (which seriously defeats the point).

Some ideas for a low G.I healthy breakfast which I have taken from includes:
  • wholegrain cereal with fruit and yoghurt & green tea
  • wholegrain bread with a boiled or poached egg
  • an omelet with a bran muffin and fresh juice
  • wholegrain toast with natural nut butters
  • an English muffin topped with lean ham and fresh juice
  • wholegrain toast with fresh fruit
  • hot cereal such as oatmeal is high in fibre and low in sugar 

Most of these foods are easily available from Coles, or Woolworths supermarket. My goal is to lose maximum ten kilos in the next ten weeks. Wish me luck!
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Eats: My Labour Day Cooking Adventure


Eats: My Labour Day Cooking Adventure

The days are going by quickly. It's 8 weeks to go before I officially leave my work place.

So I stayed over at a friend's place on Saturday, and we had another friend who came over for dinner as well. It was Labour Day today, so it was a long 3 day weekend for Sydneysiders.

Chick Kuh Teh:
So I made this on Saturday night. As one of my mates doesnt take pork, I had to switch it to chicken.
The only oversight I had was that they bought chicken fillet rather than ones with bones. And as most people who make soup know that the flavour comes from the bones, and not the flesh to give the soup its strong mellow flavour.

Wat Tan Hor:On Sunday, I had a trial run at making a version of 'Wat Tan Hor'. I ran into some issues with stir frying the beehoon, by almost frying them to charcoal consistency. LOL.
I guess we can bypass that step and go straight into stirfrying the kwae teow. As I didnt have time to get the fresh type, I made them from reconstituted dried types, boiled in hot water over a fire.
The Gravy wasnt too bad. But next time we need some beef and chicken slices. I made some cornstarch solution for the thickener, and it worked its magic on a two and half cups of watery gravy. Or maybe three might have been better as I cooked a three serves portion.
The last I added was two beaten eggs into the gravy before pouring it onto the kwae teow.

Fried Meehoon:The last thing I made, which was for breakfast this morning was Fried meehoon, Malaysian style. I have no idea what Singapore noodles are, as I come from Malaysia, and we would obviously not call our noodles Singaporean Noodles... (as if we will!)

So my Fried meehoon I made with dried shrimp, fried garlic, and stirfried chicken in soy sauce and sesame oil. Of course, and the most important ingredient was 'kecap'.
Kecap is a thick sweet sauce, and the one I used was the ABC brand made in Indonesia.
I've seen some of the Malaysian and Indonesian kids bringing this for lunch at my workplace, so I know for sure its not Singapore Noodles as its name.

Anyways, I made some chicken stock solution to pour over the meehoon. The problem with making Fried Meehoon is that it could either be too sweet from the 'kecap' sauce, or too salty from chicken stock solution or adding too much salt.

Last I added fried eggs (beaten) and cut it into strips, mixing it into the meehoon.
So that ends my Cooking Adventure, and its back to cooking for one, and putting off some weight in time to fit a reception dress I'm intending to get in a couple of weeks time. Heh.
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Price of Reception Dress

Price of Reception Dress

Whilst in the library looking through korean internet shopping websites for reception dinner dresses.

CY: Onne, how about this dress? (looking at a dress with Rm30 price tag from Cats Whiskers website).
It's only ten bucks (in aussie dollars).
Jo: I'm sure you can afford more than that.
Get something better.

CY: Hmmm..... Yeah, the chicken rice here is even more expensive than the dress, heh...


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