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UTS: International Management

So I attended my first class today for International Management, on a Wednesday evening.

I was not meant to take this class, but I did not want to wait until next Saturday to have a feel of the classes.
All of my other subjects are in block mode, on a Saturday, which does make life a bit easier. Apparently all subjects have group assignments.. Sigh. Which will probably be the force that makes us all break the ice in order to complete our assignments.

I think the difference between completing our undergraduate and postgraduate is that with the latter, most of us have working experience,and have had the experience of what it is to go through a structured academic study.

Further, students are compelled to work harder, or may have thought about doing this before considering doing postgraduate.

There were about 40 over students (before census date) in today's class. At least five of them hail from Germany/France on a study exchange program, or some on their last semester. Strange subject for a last semester course though.

I thought I'd fall asleep, but I managed to stay awake throughout the three hours duration. The school also provides complimentary tea/coffee for students placed on tables in front of the classes.

Which is small consolation considering we pay thousands of dollars for one subject (although UTS is one of the less expensive universities around).

Anyways I'll have to decide whether to continue attending or drop this subject considering my heavy work hours now.

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