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UTS: Business Postgraduate Induction

So yesterday I attended the Business Postgraduate Induction. Abt 75% of a full lecture style hall was filled, which is a good thing.

The students comprised from a mix of majors, from MBA, Event Management, Marketing, General Management, etc. It was great to see so many students in attendance!

Most students were working full time, with the occasional 'full time paying guest'. LOL.
The familiar vein that ran through most of the students were they had most graduated around four to five years back, or more, and were coming back to study.

Which would make sense, since most of us (apart from those who do it for migratory purposes) would like to take a breather from studying and dwelve into the real world before feeling refreshed and motivated to join the ranks of those who want to make progress via improvement of paper skills.

The Induction ran from 9.15 till about 1.15, with morning tea in between, and lunch thereafter. I attended an hour long Library tour after, with some of the Induction students in attendance.

Apparently there are laptops around the university to use, at least at the Business Faculty building, located during hours in the Library and the 24 hour underground rooms.

Not to mention free internet. But that's only if you're a student. Hehehe..

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