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A New Phase: Studying Management.

I have not really been specific, but for the past two over years, I have been learning Korean. My last formal learning phase ended in June with my last class finishing up Cert IV at TAFE.

The next and probably final testing will be in a few months, should I decide to take the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) later this year.

It would mostly be reviewing what I have learnt so far, so I can't really chuck out any of my textbooks yet!

Anyways, having completed that phase of my life, I have decided to look at other formal kinds of study. After a couple of weeks of deciding, and going back and forth, I decided to enrol in a Management course at UTS.

Yes, the UTS being University of Technology, Sydney. I chose that place as it was near to the train station, as well being central in the city.


I chose to undertake Management as I have gone and looked through the other subjects like Business, and Human Resource, and I realise I do enjoy learning more about society, people and working with other employees and staff.

Taking up Management will enrich my understanding on the theories and work on case studies that I can use to apply in my work place. Further, I can have a better understanding of how my employer works and what kind of strategies she uses to manage the work and people around her.

Management theory is based on people's studies of workplaces incidents, and is backed by lots of examples and case studies on how to enable people to work and manage their staff better.

Why do you think big businesses invest so much money in training, hiring and sending them to train more? Every hour that is wasted means loss of income and profit for i.e, factories in terms of creating a sustainable and environment conducive to happy and emotional wellbeing of employees who are able to work better and retain employees in the company.

In the retainment of and reduction of turnover of employees, it is better to train staff and keep them happy than to see them leave and waste more money training new staff. Time is money.

Orientation starts in about two weeks time, and I have to read up my texts before class starts! I am so excited!

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