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My Sentiments: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

As much as I adore Korean actors and actresses, I would really prefer to have an ethnic Chinese person to play the character of a Chinese charactar in a Chinese inspired film.
Just as the British may be incensed to have an American play the character of a Bridget Jones, similar sentiments are running around here.

Seriously, even for the movie "Memoirs of A Geisha", couldn't the director have cast a real Japanese instead of having Michelle Yeoh, and Zhang Zi Yi, and Gong Li?

I am sure similar sentiments would be running for this next upcoming movie.'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan'.

Gianna Jun, or better known as Jun Ji-Hyun to her asian fans. By one first look, I could immediately tell that Li Bing Bing is a chinese. But Ji-Hyun does not even look chinese. She possesses typical Korean features, which you can tell is so different from Li Bing Bing.....

This is probably one of Ji-Hyun's first English speaking roles, where perhaps, she may not want to lose this golden opportunity...

still as an ethnic Chinese.. Sigh.....

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