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I was really encouraged by the testimony of a friend who spoke on his Quiet Time in the morning during a cell group I attended on Friday night.

In the past many months, I have not had the presence of mind to even pray nor even seek the presence of the Lord, especially in the mornings.

Dedicating our day to the Lord and praying for wisdom in the morning can really be one of the best things a believer can do....

Although it would be ideal to seek the Lord in the morning, yet many of us do not seek the Lord even at other times of the day...

I have never really been a person in possession of the most apt of words, however today the words that I used in speaking to the assistants under me at work, could not have been of my making.

I remember the story in Exodus where Moses told the Lord he could not deliver the Israelites out of Egypt, but the Lord told him that He would give him the words, as long as he was willing to be used.

Hence I write this as a testimony in remembrance of what the Lord has done for me today. Amen.

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