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Heading to Melbourne


Heading to Melbourne

So peeps,

I'm heading to Melbourne next Wednesday evening for a weekend trip. It was a last minute trip, due to some last minute circumstances.

Anyways, my family will be coming in for this trip, so all's good for some family time bonding.

The last few days have been raining, so the weather in Sydney has been cold. Last week I caught the flu, so that was not a good thing.

I believe it'd be even colder in Melbourne, which has incessant change of weather throughout the day.

On a separate note, the Administrator in the school commented that she actually notices my moods. Even when I do not speak. LOL...

Anyways, I hope to meet up with some of mates in melbourne. So whoever's there, pls PM me, or whichever is better!

People I want to meet:
1) Caroline Tan - haven't met since high school!
How many years is that??

2) Kevin Liew, Matt, whoever's there! - haven't met you guys in almost three years?

3) Madeline Yee- if its not too far away for baby and Bob, ok?

4) Elena Yee- come out, woman!

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So I stayed home today.


So I stayed home today.

I was sick on Wednesday so I got off on a half day. Got a day off on Thursday.

Went to work on Friday still on paracetamol. Saturday went cold turkey, and suffered on Sunday..

That just means I have to continue taking them till I'm sure I've fully recovered. Not sure how long that it'll take. And have lots of liquids.

If is more than two weeks long, I'm going to have to get antibiotics prescription from the local GP.

Wanted to watch Red Riding Hood with Jo today, however my health is more important. So slept in all day.

Haha, lets just say that married life is only not solitary after you have kids... You need to learn to be like Katherine & Anthony, and keep your own friends. Heh...

My main tenant/landlady is more concerned about my health than I am. LOL. She went to town and bought Manuka Honey.. I think she's afraid of catching flu too...

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Jo's family in Sydney.


Jo's family in Sydney.

So on Friday, Jo's family (mother and sis-in-law with baby niece) arrived in Sydney. They were here to help her with her wedding preparations.

I basically spent the most of last two evenings with them. When I went to Korea the last two times, I had stayed with Jo and her family.

I have met most of the family, but this was my first time meeting her 6 month old baby niece, Hyu Na.

It was interesting spending time with them, as neither the sis in law or mother speak much english. Haha.

On Saturday, it took me and my landlady almost two hours to settle the cat and bring her to the Narwee vet. The cat was running rounds around us and having a jolly good time in the park.

Will write more about Jo's korean wedding reception later. So I stayed the night in her home after the wedding.

On Sunday, we went first to Hope Sydney , which was the nearest to Jo's current home, for the 11pm service.

Then we went around sydney city on Funday Sunday ticket which is an initiative by the NSW Transport Dept for families with a baby/children where they are eligible to purchase, with a minimum of one baby and a parent.

A normal price all day ticket for ferry, bus, and train is 20AUD, but the Funday Sunday ticket is only 2.50AUD for the parent, and maybe child if she is of school age. Not too sure about the details.

It was sunny in the morning, but started to rain in early afternoon and for the rest of the night. We went to Watson's Bay by ferry, which I had visited once before by bus with a uni friend in 2008.

So right, a sunny day would have made the day completely perfect. I'm not complaining though.

Going to see them tomorrow again. Now just on the train on my way home to Narwee.

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What were you expecting?


What were you expecting?

So I'm hesitating. I am not sure what I even wanted to ask.

Though Edward could have guessed why I really called.

There were many questions, but that will have to wait till Saturday at Jo's wedding.

I'll be ready then. I'm sure he won't let it pass.

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Things I got done today.

Things I got done today.

So today I got some things done.
1. Created my TAFE student card. It doesn't have an expiry date, nor does it state the course I'm enrolled in.

2. Created a new Cinebuzz card and got Student Mondays updated.

3. Watched 'Just Go With It'.

4. Went and redeemed my Chaiyo Thai Massage on George.St near Global Chat.

5. Learnt some new lessons on cat behaviour. Apparently ALL cats freak out when put into a carrier bag. The stray cat near my house apparently freaks out when I try to carry it out pass the boundaries of the house garden area. So much for being an outdoor area.

6. I informed some of the other senior staff about today's roster. The senior teacher commented with the word 'exploited', and the Coordinator commented 'ill use of rostering time', being I shouldn't have been made to come in just for the few measly hours. I concur.

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So God answered some queries I had.


So God answered some queries I had.

So I was whinging praying today why didn't God answer my prayers.....

well, He answered it in a different way altogether.... 

1. The cat problem is (almost) solved since I wrote Cat Protection agency an email. (Cats in NSW legally have to be micro-chipped/registered with authorities).

2. My ex house-mate, Jo, answered me on some guy problems I had.

3. God answered my query about my parents (about going back home). They rang me up earlier!

4. My current housemate, Chew, answered my queries about my employer in writing out my shifts.
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Cats & Dogs in NSW have to be micro-chipped.

Cats & Dogs in NSW have to be micro-chipped.

I was going to bring the cat to animal shelter but i figured it would make more sense if the lost cat at my house probably belongs to someone living nearby. (since it still looks so fit, and socialised to humans).

So, I have found out that all, or most domestic animals (cats and dogs) in the state of New South Wales HAVE to be micro-chipped.

Hence, I then wrote a letter to Cat Protection (or whatever the society is called) for advice.Hope to hear from them soon.
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