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My Lovisa Haul: Westfield Sydney

Lovisa Cleaning Cloth- (Made in England) AU4.99

Diamond Bow & Booch Headband (Normal Price) AUD24.99

Lovisa Feather Headband AUD16.99

So I went shopping a couple of weeks back.. Bought this at Westfield LOVISA with my giftcard from Christmas...

Ten Aussie dollars for two headbands from Lovisa.. Don't they look just gorgeous?? *what a steal*!!
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These moments before us.


These moments before us.

In moments like these, where I sit and just coerce to make calm our emotions.

Thoughts just go through my mind, on what could be the foreseeable future.

Where I feel like I am almost alone in this world, and everyone else seem almost so far away. I wonder, what has gone wrong?

Am I really alone by myself, even with so many people moving around me?

The train is here, and I get on it. Where will it take me, I wonder?

Sometimes I feel like my heart is breaking, and the sound of my housemate breaks the silence.

I am still alive, I realize. I am still here....

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Where to go for Easter long weekend?

Where to go for Easter long weekend?

So during our sam Gyeop sal lunch today, some of the group members were discussing what to do for Easter...

I suggested let's all stay at Captain's house...

He went like 'what, all five days??' and looked like he was going to faint. Then he shook his head 'nah'.

I went like, 'ya, that too... I don't think we could cope staying five days in his place. LOL!

Anyone has any ideas on where to go for Easter??

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I Want . . .


I Want . . .

to be the kind of person that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will tell their mates about even after I have passed on...

Patience. That is what I'm talking about.

As I read through the bible, I have come to know what impatience and faithlessness has done to the many patriarchs of old. What their actions resulted in.

All of us have many desires and wants in our life. To be successful, to find love, and to be rich.

In many things in our life, we always try to find a shortcut to achieve our aims. Yet these shortcuts are the very things that leads to tongues wagging.

Shortcuts that we know are not right in people's eyes, nor even God's eyes.

Shortcuts that does not go forward in building our patience. Our endurance. Our commitment.

May the Lord grant me the strength of mind, and spirit of persistency to do what is pleasing in His Sight, to trust and have faith in what He has promised me, and to commit to always placing my Isaac on the altar that

He will continuously bless me for I know that He is Jehovah Jireh, the One who will Provide.
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Autumn is coming.


Autumn is coming.

The trees have started to shed their leaves.

The mornings have been chillier.

Its been raining non stop the last three days..

And I've been sleeping in.....

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My day at Galaxy World.


My day at Galaxy World.

So recently I bought five vouchers off Jump On for an arcade Galaxy World in the Sydney CBD at Haymarkets.

I get
-an hour of continuous play time on the card,
- 5 Aud worth of tokens (for token machines),
- 2 x bumper ride car rides,
- and a pizza and 600ml coca cola drink with it.

And all for 8Aud, which is seriously really cheap.

Mondays have so far been my days off, and today was too.

Today was my third time at the Galaxy World, trying out their video arcade street racing games.

The first time I tried on a really retro machine which was about three weeks ago, from Daytona. For that model, the car kept going out of control when I drove. I abandoned ship on that one.

All the machines were from Japan, and I realised that the newer range of arcade games had better wheel/sensor technology, and control of the car was better. The producer of the ones I tried seem to come from Namco Bandai.

There was one model with really good visuals, with huge screen and almost 3D like style screen. However instructions were fully in Japanese! So I abandoned ship on that one too.

Today I finally decided to try manual/stick transmission on the machines, and I'm glad I did. it was definitely better control of the cars, and manual, and faster start ups, and easier to control/maneuver on steep roads.

I ended up going back to a Bandai Namco model which I tried last week, but was less visually stunning, but still had the option that
- allows customising of cars from a number of car manufacturers range. I chose the cars from Mazda.

It also allows
- opting for competition racing against some youngsters, which had up to 4 linked players.
- however it was only limited to racing circuits in japan,which wasn't a problem anyways.

That particular model somehow seem the most popular range of all with loads of youngsters watching on.

Every of the players I noticed were on manual transmission, which does provide better controls of the car. Some of the route tracks were really tricky, with each turn a steep turning that left everyone complaining how crazy it was.

But all in good fun.

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