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Note to self


Note to self

You need to have a sense of humour.

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So its a freaking hot summer's day in Sydney today.

So its a freaking hot summer's day in Sydney today.

So today I missed church service. I took the bus to Strathfield which took about an hour.

Called some of the church members but no one picked up. Waited for almost half an hour before I realised that the next bus would be half an hour away. The best part was it was a freaking hot summer's day.

I was so dying out there. All the facial salons were booked out. I was ready to pull all my hair out!

So I decided to forget all about it and order a haemul calguksu at a shop in Strathfield Plaza. The ajumma running the shop didn't include Kimchi for the banchan, and I found that strange.

Later when I met with Jo, she shared that when she ordered vietnamese in korea, they didn't include coriander with the dish. So she asked them for it, and the shop explained that most koreans didn't like coriander.

So in that situation, just ask for what normally comes with the dish. And be polite about it...

At least you'll know you're communicating rationally...

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Knowing Your Priorities.


Knowing Your Priorities.

It has taken me a while. But when that day comes, even handsome men can't tempt me.

Ok, maybe that's a bad example, but whatever.

I have said that when it's time, I'll know.

For me, that day has arrived. It's just a matter of when.

I just need a lot of strategizing and planning now.

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Australia: Collecting my new 885 Visa Label.


Australia: Collecting my new 885 Visa Label.

So today I went to the Sydney CBD to collect my new Australian 885 visa label.

Do you know what that means?

It means I was granted, and received my Australian Permanent Residency on 14th February, Valentine's Day 2011.

What a lovely Valentine's Day gift, though without all the glamour and pomp.

Still good nonetheless.

Met up with Jo. She came back from a cold winter's day in Korea on the third day of the Lunar New Year. I guess that just means Koreans don't have 15 days of celebration like the Chinese do.

I think she almost didn't recognized me. That's a good thing..... LOL.

Jo was telling me that she had her passport renewed, with her existing visa Label in her expired passport. The folks from Asiana Airlines sent a telegram? to the Aussie folks, sending her a text message when that process was completed.

Apparently all issues were cleared by the time she checked in in Sydney.

Hmm, I wonder how different would it be for Malaysia Airlines?

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And we will graduate together at the same time.

And we will graduate together at the same time.

For some, maybe unexpectedly earlier than others.

Many years ago, I had a classmate who completed her exam with flying colours.

For some of us, and the rest of us, we had to retake the exam, or settle with less than stellar results.

I was among the latter group. To make the story short, I had to retake the exam. I passed the second time around.

Well, although this classmate passed her exam early on in the year, she still had to wait till the end of the year for the convocation. She also had to wait till the end of the year to enrol into the degree program.

Hence, as a result, we all attended the convocation together at the same time, and attended our first class for the degree at the same time.

In short, even if one has met every other requirement, it also depends on the right timing to get things done.

Of course, this same girl ended up heading to Australia to further her studies, but came back after one semester to complete the rest of the course externally.

I on the other hand, came to Australia, and ended up staying longer than I thought I would.

For now, I'm just awaiting the next step in life.
We shall see what it holds out in the months to come.

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Some BGR reflections.

Some BGR reflections.

Guy 1-
Cousin says- He hasn't met the right one. I agree with him.
BFF- cheap!! Let's not even bother.

Guy 2-
Cousin says- He's flakey. (male perspective). I agree with him. Thanks, but I'd do better in cementing my female friendships instead.

BFF- ... Need to reconsider his suitability considering your knowledge of his history, and personality.

Mom- couples should be able to be frank with each other when it comes to all things financial, as most marriage issues arise from that.

Guy 3-
Cousin says- We shall see.

BFF- Slow, and easy.

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He makes me lie down beside still waters.


He makes me lie down beside still waters.

So I'm emailing from KLIA now. There's free Wifi here.

I must learn to be patient.

I was thinking this morning that perhaps God has his reasons for my return to KL.

He could have let me stay in sydney for the new year. I could have just gone to Canberra instead. I may not even have had to apply for leave.

He could have done it the way I was praying for it to. But He didn't.

instead He made me ask my boss for a three week leave. I had to endure an 8 hour plus journey back to KL. I wasn't even sure I wanted to go home.

Not to say I didn't enjoy meeting my family, and friends. I got to meet my cousins. the batch of bloggers. And some new friends.

I have yet to know what this journey back home will lead to. Only God in His Wisdom would have his reasons for my sojourn back.

Perhaps He wanted me to see some things. Or do some things. Perhaps He's preparing a path. I couldn't really tell.

Yet I know in my spirit that this journey back was extraordinary the way it was. Only time will tell what He really is planning for me.

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My First Poh Kong's Tranz Haul.

As it was my friend's day out, I decided to follow Zen out to Mid Valley today.

Recently I developed an interest in jewellery, and in particular precious metals ever since checking out Tiffany's. I then decided to pay a visit to the two outlets that Poh Kong was operating on the Ground level.

My philosophy in purchasing items, at least in terms of precious metals and jewellery
- jewellery should be visible, but not overwhelming. It should complement the attire and outfit and of course, the person who wears it should like it.

I checked out the Poh Kong Tranz collection, which had more contemporary designs to appeal to the younger generation. The design below is not available on the Poh Kong website however.

With Poh Kong's products, the Tranz collection is firmly priced. Discounts are not available for this range. I was also informed that the Tranz collection is copyrighted, which is a good thing for people who prefer exclusivity in their jewellery collection.

For the normal gold design collection, items are priced according to current daily gold prices by type. Discounts are available for the normal collection.

There were a few 'heart' pendant designs, but I finally decided on this.

A heart pendant from Tranz Collections.

Tranz Heart Pendants(4.49g) : RM1090.00

White Gold Layered Ring (916 gold- 3.65g) RM590.00

So, what do you think of the purchase? Like the designs?
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My Last S2 Slimming Treatment for now.

My Last S2 Slimming Treatment for now.

So I finished my so called "last" treatment at S2 Slimming today. I called up at 9.30, and made an appointment for 10am! I decided to get it over and done with so that I could spend the rest of the afternoon on doing other things with my family.

From the chart, it recorded my lowest weight at about 61kgs in May 2010 (yes, I'm putting my weight here in public).

After being away for almost 8 months to Australia, and having lots of physical & strenuous work, I'm now down to 55.6 kilos today. Yes, that's after all the CNY bingeing and Loh Sang.

The Outlet Manager, Ingrid came in to greet me and enquire about my well being. Of course she followed up on my record by recommending that I top-up on my treatments, offering an amount similar to what they have on promotion being RM988, with about 5 treatments. (Perhaps she might offer more if I bargain... *LOL*)

Since I'd be leaving on Sunday, I decided I didn't want to spend too much time going to the salon as my point in coming back for CNY was to spend time with my family & friends.

So there, that was my decision. Perhaps at another in future.
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恭喜!恭喜!by Samuel Hui.

I've been listening to this on RFM98.8. This song is 恭喜!恭喜!by Hong Kong singer Samuel Hui.. it's a catchy song with meaningful lyrics.

The words "恭喜" means "to congratulate" in the context of the Chinese New Year when they meet or see someone during the festive season. So even if you don't understand the words, just enjoy the tune!
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Day 6: Chinese New Year

Day 6: Chinese New Year

Yesterday when I went to my mom's kindy, the traffic was getting immensely congested. So much for easy driving.... it took me almost 30 minutes, when it took me less than 10 just on Monday!

The deejays on 98.8FM said that yesterday was the sixth day of Chinese New Year which was a good day to return to work, .. not sure what it meant, but 0208 which was yesterday, was definitely a good date in Cantonese. It means "easy to prosper".

Today is 人日, or People's Day/Human Day, which means it's people's birthday today.Everyone I knew on Facebook was sending greetings.....  So, Happy Birthday Everyone!
Hence restaurants would be having a field day today, predominantly being fully booked as its a good day to have Loh Sang (Yee Sang) and long noodles. Long noodles signify "a long life" in the chinese belief....

Probably that's why my cousin bought some fish head noodles for my grandmother when I went to visit them today!

Most of the chinese managed shops that I went to visit in the city today were still close today. My mom remarked that they may only open on Saturday, which would be the tenth day of Chinese New Year. The reason for this is tomorrow will be an important day for the Hokkiens, as that is their "official" Hokkien New Year.

Today I saw a car carrying sugar cane in their car, and remarked to myself that that must be a hokkien chinese driving the car.  Here is a blog I found that explains a bit about the Hokkien New Year and its origins.

Hence, if you see a Chinese person carrying sugarcane on the 7th or 8th day of the Chinese New Year, he's most definitely a Hokkien...

The Ninth day of Chinese New Year is the "Tian Gong" Day, or the day when the buddhist chinese would offer offerings to the Jade Emperor...

Hence, when all those days are over, would only the Hokkiens (which make up a huge part of the Chinese group) in Malaysia...
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Facial at 128 Faubourg- Bangsar Village 2.


Facial at 128 Faubourg- Bangsar Village 2.

Yes, so I made an appointment there today.

The appointment was supposed to be at 2.30, but I ended up late..... so I ended up being slotted in for the appointment at 4pm.

There have been three new released treatments since I left Malaysia, namely the Vital Coolness Treatment (RM350), Resurfacing Cosmeceutic Treatment (RM350), and Chocolate Caramel (RM??) which I would loved to have tried, but they were too expensive for my budget... 

The Salon Manager insisted that I was not eligible for newly released facial treatments, but I don't think that was to be true as I remembered in the past, my facial therapist, Celine had informed me that as long as the treatments were released after we came in, we could try out the promotional rates for the treatments, though we were existing customers.

Somehow the terms seem to differ... from outlet to outlet?

The Salon Manager did however insist that if I wanted more competitively priced facial treatments, that I should go for their facial treatment packages.

I would have had no idea what the new facial treatments were had I not stalked their Facebook page for months....I am beginning to miss Celine...  *LOL*

As retaliation, I ended up opting for the Hydra Lift Professional Treatment (RM260), and the Under-Arm Lightening Treatment (RM50). Hah!

The therapist who served me was Annie, from East Malaysia. She was friendly and chatty, and had a typical Malaysian sounding accent which made me mistake her for Chinese at times. 

Annie did ask to confirm my treatments of choice before the start of the treatments, and I liked that she gave me an option to rethink my treatment choices.

This is also the same outlet I went where I have met some other pretty pushy characters last year during their promotional events, so do keep that in mind if you do make a visit.

Post treatment, Annie recommended me a number of products that was used during my facial treatment which included the cleansing milk, and toner, hydrating cream and another product.

As I had too many cleansers and toners to date, I decided on getting the Pore Refiner System - Smoothing Refiner Solution (30mls), and Mattifying Refiner Solution (30mls) which came up to RM538 under one of their current promotions. I will trial the products out and give a review on the blog later.

As my purchases met the requirements for membership renewal into the yearly Sothys Priviledge Programme, I was given a complimentary travel set worth RM280. It contained four products being Morning Cleanser (15ml), Normalizing Lotion (40ml), Hydroptimale Th13(15ml), Normalizing Beauty Milk (40ml) which came in a transparent travel pouch.

Will put up pictures later!

So what do you think of my visit to the Bangsar 128 Faubourg outlet?
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Day 5: Chinese New Year.

Day 5: Chinese New Year.

So, it's the first work day for KL after Chinese New Year. The city is quiet.

I had to help my mom with her kindergarten today, hence had to wake up really today. Tomorrow it's the same, as its the first week of the month and parents come to make their payments. So have to wake up early to be admin there...

My dad says it will help "enrich" my learning experience.. *blah blah blah...* So that's what I'll be doing for the next three mornings? LOL.

Anyways, went for a facial at 128 Faubourg Bangsar today....

*shhhh* My mom doesn't know... ^^

The therapist, Annie at Bangsar Village is somewhat chatty, but can be pushy if you don't mind her too much. However, if anyone can go to a place like 128 Faubourg, you should get ready to spend $$$$. At least the products at Sothys have a recognisable "brand" and history, so I'm not worried, and at least I know its the real McCoy.

So there. Hopefully I don't keep spending my money like water tomorrow. I still have other things to get....
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Things I have to do before I head back to Sydney.


Things I have to do before I head back to Sydney.

So, I've got 7 days till I fly. I've already bought my ticket, and I'm flying on MAS. woo hooo...

(Thanks, but since Air Asia tak ada, apa boleh buat....)

Anyways, I have already done all my necessary paperwork. You know, renew the passport, driving licence, and yes... some good news.. but that I will save for later.

Didn't really get to meet anyone from FGA either. Oh well, that's what happens when people get married.. and have babies... just have to accept it as it is...

Things I have to do before going back.

1. Have a Facial. Sothys? 아직 없어요......... >.<

2. Install Photoshop in my laptop.... (is Picasa any good?) Heh...

3. Get some souvenirs from somewhere for
-  my anglo australian colleagues. (something they can't find in Australia... ??)
-  my korean church mates.. (something they cant find in Australia--- like really malaysian)

4. Get more pretty tops & tights to wear..

5. Get some chinese er tong ge karaoke cds. (DONE).

6. Get some keyboard manuscripts so I can play/practise when I'm bored.... (DONE).

7. I really have too much skincare supply, I think  next two years also cannot finish.... so no skincare purchase in next two years......  So will bring all the one from home, drag there, and finish and then chuck it out.. >.< (Will Do So.)

8. Bring some dim-sum for my grandmother..... (Keep Forgetting to Do...)
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My First Tiffany's Haul.

Most girls have one. If you haven't, you've probably heard of it in a song.

Or maybe seen a movie about it.

If the girls don't have one, they might want one.

What is this elusive brand? Well, not exactly very elusive.. but quite exclusive. ^^

Tiffany's signature turquoise blue paper bag and stationary.

So, I headed down to KLCC early this evening. Located next to Tiffany's was Louis Vuitton.... wow.. talk about premium view at entrance area... Louis Vuitton has gloved personnel that opens the doors for you, and the hall is limited to a number of visitors each time.

Anyways, I  took a deep breath before entering ....

I checked out a few of its range, being the Tiffany's Notes, Tiffany Somerset, and Return to Tiffany's.

Please take note that the prices I've put down here are the ones taken from their websites, except for the one in RM which is the approximate to what I remembered.

Since it was my first time at a Tiffany's outlet, the sales personnel, a Mr.J.Y recommended me a first-time buyer's range.

He introduced me to the pendants from Tiffany's Notes, which had a few pendant designs to my interest. There was the "Fifth Avenue Heart tag" (About RM440?), and the Tiffany Notes in square pendant in sterling silver, (RM470).
I really liked the Tiffany's Somerset range in sterling silver with diamonds (USD375), and other designs in its range, however their price was more than what my budget could currently afford. The Return to Tiffany's range did not hold my interest as much though.

In the end, I decided on this.(click & zoom in to have closer view).
Tiffany Notes in square pendant in sterling silver, RM470.

After working out the conversion, I realised its less expensive to get it in Malaysia than in Australia, as the range here is more affordable at the current conversion rate RM2.8: AUD1. The RRP rate for the square pendant in sterling silver (pictured above- RRP. AUD195). It works out to RM550 in Australia.

So what do you think? Nice? Going to check it out?

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So when will He show His Hand?


So when will He show His Hand?

Why is it that for some, God has given them what they want, but for others, he holds it back?

This is going around in circles, as I ponder on this issue again.


The Lord is my Provider, and He will bring it to pass. Yet, I wonder when will He do it...

Should I nag him? Should I praise Him? Should I do both?

I just wish he would give me a proper sign.

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No Way But Forward


No Way But Forward

As I was spring cleaning my room this morning, I found my diary from 2003-2005.
In it are many anecdotes of the years past, and I was laughing out at the things I wrote and remarking how crazy the things we did when we were younger.

However slipped between one of the pages was a note dated 4th June 2005. The note was titled 'Waiting
For God's Best'.

It's been 6 years since I read that note.

Perhaps it's time for me to find a life partner. Really, that is an understatement since almost everyone I know my age is almost already married, and some in the process of having their second kid.

This is an excerpt from the note:
'But to His child, the Lord says: ' No, not until you are satisfied, fulfilled, and content either being loved by Me; with giving yourself totally and unreservedly to Me to have an intensely personal relationship with Me alone, discovering that only in Me is your satisfaction to be found.
Only then will you be capable of the most perfect relationship that I have planned for you. 'I want you to stop planning, stop wishing and allow Me to give you the most thrilling plan existing.. One that you cannot imagine (Proverbs 3: 5-6).

And then, when I know you are ready, I'll surprise you with a love far more wonderful than any you could dream of. You see, I'm working at this moment to have you both ready at the same time. Until you are satisfied exclusively with Me, and the life I've given you'd you won't be able to experience the love that exemplifies your relationship with Me.

Dear one, I want you to have this most wonderful love, I want you to see in the flesh a picture of your relationship with Me, and to enjoy materially and concretely the everlasting union of beauty, perfection, and love that I offer you with Myself. Know that love you utterly. Be satisfied in Me. Author Unknown.
For me, that was and is the path I had chosen to walk. For a time, I was tempted to forgo Australia, but the Lord had other plans for me.

Staying two years in Australia was not what I had planned initially. Applying for a migration visa to Australia was another. Travelling around Korea, and studying the language still was another, much less attending a korean church now.

We can never know the good things that the Lord has in plan for us, and what seemed like disaster actually turned out for the better.

Returning to Malaysia this time around was another as I had not planned to do so, but instead was panicking when my documentation started to have issues.
When it's the Lord's doing, He just opens all the doors that everything turns out smoothly. All at the same time.

Sometimes I think the Lord has a funny sense of humour in the way He works things out.
With everything finally falling into place, I somehow seem to get the notion that the Lord has finally decided it is time. When the inevitable comes, as much as I would like to be, I would find difficulty staying single even if I still wanted to be.

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The night before Chinese New Year.

The night before Chinese New Year.

So it's now the second of my three weeks in KL.

Tonight is Chinese New Year Eve. Otherwise known as 'lin sam sap man' or the '30th day night', all, and most chinese families will gather at their relative's home for dinner tonight.
I'll be attending a family reunion dinner tonight at my 'tai bak's home. Which would be my Dad's eldest brother. It's been the same routine for me the last few decades. Lest, or should I get married, this routine will remain the same.

You could say that at least in my family, and for a chinese christian family, Chinese New Year is still the most important festive time for us.

It's the only time where we all get to see each other, and make all the obligatory visits to all the higher up Aunties' and Uncles in the hierarchy of the family tree. House spring cleaning, and the preparation of all the cookies and delicacies are made as early as one month before the new Year.
New Year's Day (Chor Yat) starts out by visiting the eldest relative on the Dad's side. However as I have no surviving of either grandparents on my Dad's side, this privilege is then referred over to the eldest one on my Mom's side, which is my Poh Poh', or grandmother.
Right, so I'm off to spring clean the house now... My parents are summoning to help with the cleaning!

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