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Clarins: Body Treatment @ One Utama.

So today, after renewing my passport, I took a bus from Bandar Damansara to One Utama shopping mall. The fare was RM1.90.

I decided to meet up with Tammy, another blogger who works in the nearby vicinity. She was the second person to mention that I had lost weight... the first was my mother. LOL.

We ended up having Chili's (well, it was my treat since it was her birthday that just passed not too long ago..), and I ended up passing the LUSH Glogg shower gel I got for her in Sydney...

You know what, I didn't realise that Glogg was a shower gel till she mentioned it... I actually only used mine as a hair shampoo all this while.. LOL..


Well, we had an interesting conversation over lunch at Chili's. One being facials, and body treatments ding dong ding dong, one thing leading to another...

*surprise, surprise*,

Tammy somehow had the notion to allow me to use one of her body treatments from Clarins + a Rising Sun body scrub... Wow, I was so surprised when she told me that.

So I did. That was totally my first time trying out proper Clarins treatments in their salons. At One Utama still! Thanks, Tammy!

In summary:

Monday, I had a 1.5 hours body massage worth Rm40+ on my mother...

Today it was a 1.5 hours body treatment on Tammy!

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, it'd be a 1 hour plus facial treatment on my mother again at Slimming Sanctuary near Mid Valley. We'll see how their service will be like... so I'll write about it.

After the Clarins treatment, I headed out to BATA to get some shoes. The shoes at BATA have in the last two years revamped their shoe designs, and their prices are quite affordable.

Hence, I got myself two pairs. About RM120 for two nice going out shoes. Good for Chinese New Year to wear new shoes. ^^

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