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Renewal of my Malaysian Driving Licence.

So today I didn't do much. It is my vacation time after all.

Ended up waking up late. Had nasi lemak for my breakfast. Yum. RM4 plus only for rice+ sotong + ikan bilis from the Javanese lady that has a small stall in the mornings at Taman Danau Desa.

Just went to renew my Malaysian driving licence for another 5 years. RM152 in total. RM30 per year. I went to the local malaysian Post Office near Taman Desa. Waited for about twenty minutes as there were about 13 numbers before me.

The entire renewal process took less than 5 minutes. That's what I call quick!

Did you know it was that quick? I didn't. But I know now! ^^

Tomorrow I will head to the city to get other paperwork done. Hopefully I can get my Malaysian Letter of Good Conduct done approved soon...

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