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Facial Treatment at Slimming Sanctuary (Midvalley)

So this afternoon, right before our facial appointment, I finally managed to squeeze some time in to get my paper work certified at the Commissioner of Oaths...

It just cost me RM4 for the Declaration paperwork in Malaysia.. In Australia, the fee is AUD90!!! (Why not ask us to go rob a bank instead eh?)  >.<

Hence heading to the CBD may have to be delayed till Friday.

I'm heading to Putrajaya instead.

Today, I went for the facial treatment at Slimming Sanctuary in Mid Valley Mega Mall. It is the outlet in Gardens up in the higher floors. It was on my mom....! The facial is worth about Rm200 ish .. 

The facial treatment included shoulder massage, eyebrow reshaping, serum, and machine, and a cool gel mask.

The facial started about 4:30pm ish.. by the time we came out, it was almost 6:40ish pm.

The salesperson tried to ask my mom to 'upgrade' with a guasa eye treatment... eh? Thanks, but for a facial that's worth RM200+, IMO, "upgrading" anymore would make more sense if it was at SOTHYS..

The nerve of the sales lady/therapist of whoever that was...

My mom dragged me to use her facial... so whee...

she's finished all her facial treatments there, and no longer has to head back to Slimming Sanctuary!

I can now intro her to Sothys instead. If she's paying that kind of money, might as well head to a place like Sothys. >.<

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