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Narwee: Everyone away for the Holidays!


Narwee: Everyone away for the Holidays!

So everyone is going away for the Christmas hols...

I can't wait for everyone to come back. LOL. Still, enjoy your holidays!

Moving to a new place is both exciting, and yet keeps us wondering what could we find in store? Changing the way we travel, and anticipating the changes that could be.

I found out there is a shopping mall about 5 minutes by bus which I can catch up from the road nearby at my new place. To think, I thought it was just in Riverwood that had a shopping mall.. This is better than I thought it was! LOL.

Not to mention, a MYERS too in Roseland Avenue! How exciting!

Rui 동생, when you come back, let's meet up.. head to the MYERS there, okay? Can can? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
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Narwee: So, I'm moving after all.

Narwee: So, I'm moving after all.


So, I'm moving after all.

To Narwee. Of all places.

(the place without a shopping mall, or an ATM anywhere!!)

That was the last place I thought I'd ever move to.

But I found this place. It was leased by a Malaysian chinese.

Surprise. Surprise.

The rent is AUD155/weekly.

It has its own backyard/court to do laundry.

There is a park nearby. Which I really like.

Not that I actually had the time to exercise in the first place. ^^

And it's only about 15 minutes max walk to my workplace.


And those times where I waited 19 minutes at Central for the train to come. LOL.
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Christmas is a time for giving.


Christmas is a time for giving.

Today, after church, my camp members headed to Gloria Jeans in North Strathfield for a round of coffee. Thanks to Ellie for shouting the round!

Ellie, among one of the younger members in the camp, was sharing how she felt prompted to share & give tithes to the needy. Coming from a junior (but senior member as she was 'long' in the group),
that was an inspiring testimony that she shared from her heart. 

The sermon today was about Abraham in the book of Genesis 14 (so I had my mind on other things.... ^^), and she recapped it, putting a few themes into perspective:

1) Not trusting in our strength.
2) Breaking the covenant affects the rest of our Destiny.

When God gives a promise to us, it is our role to continue to trust that God will fulfill the promise that He has given us. God gave to Abraham that He would provide a descendant and son to Abraham, but Abraham himself broke the covenant which was given.

When Abraham took Hagar, the helper of his wife, Sarah, to have a son with her, he broke the covenant, by trying to work things out from his own effort. God told him that the main offspring will be from his legal wife, and not from Hagar.

Yet, God still fulfilled his side of the promise. Case in Point- and reminder- never try to work out HOW God will fulfill His promises to us. Our job is to be faithful in the things we have been asked to do, and He will work out the rest.

Our faith will lead us to God providing better things, something better than what we had in mind.

Lastly, with Christmas around the corner (and I've already done my Christmas shopping!), it's time to think about those around us who've been overlooked, and may need assistance in meeting their financial needs. Will write more on this later.
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His Story Korean Church: Continuous Breakthrough Praying

His Story Korean Church: Continuous Breakthrough Praying

Last Monday, I finally went to the Korean church prayer meet in the city. Apparently, the church is  having a 30-Day Prayer with Breakthrough as its main theme, hence that probably explains their daily prayer sessions around the clock?

The prayer session that I attended went from 8-10pm, and truthfully speaking, I have not done that in a while. It was a continuous two hour of just parallel corporate but personal worship/praying.

I can't imagine how people can pray continuously two hours in the morning, and two hours at night, where I am already struggling with it...

But it was good for my spirit well being, so I am planning to go again. I really need a breakthrough in certain personal circumstances, so praying is a good thing.
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Myers: My Christmas Shopping Haul. ^^


Myers: My Christmas Shopping Haul. ^^

So, I was out on a "so called" Christmas shopping spree recently.

Last week to be precise..

Bought myself a GUESS bag, and Clarins haul..

Will write more on it later...
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