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LG Optimus- the battery life's a killer.

LG GT540 - Optimus
So yeah, has anyone used an LG Optimus GT540 before? Its basically a 'smart-phone' that runs on the Android platform, which is a mobile operating system that uses a modified version of the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google.. (blah blah blah)

(Hence that is why I see all these Google ads and Gmail widgets on my phone.. blah blah blah)

I bought this phone from this asian mobile phone shop at Haymarket.

There are two things I am not too happy about the LG Optimus:
1) It doesnt, and is not able to turn itself on like my previous Nokia E71.

(actually, all Nokia mobiles turn themselves on... and even the oldest model has that function-- yes, the blue model from 2000 something that has battery problems, and I still keep it somewhere at my Malaysian home).

2) I am still not used to the whole touch screen concept. Really...

Well, its barely three days since I bought it and I am now encountering problems with it...

Just to let you have an idea of what has happened.

Monday night: (8th Nov)
The phone battery was fully charged at 11pm, so I left the phone on Flight mode for the night,

Tuesday: (today!)
Turned it back on to normal mode at 7am in the morning when I was getting ready to go to work. By 1pm on Tuesday today, it was already down to 60% and by 3pm, the battery level had regressed to only 30%! *WOAH*

I had wanted to test the power consumption as on Monday the phone died by 6pm, granted that I had browsed 'a bit'. Hence today, I used the 'taskiller' widget to turn off all the applications, purposely leaving the handset at standby mode for most of the day.

For a smart-phone standing barely 15 hours in standby mode I could barely make a call, much less even check my mail !!! For AUD249, this is atrocious work for a mobile phone!

I was informed that the phone has a year's warranty, and it now barely even a 7 day purchase. >.<

Anyways, I sent a note to the manufacturer (LG) and am awaiting a reply....

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