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K-drama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

So I am currently following this drama on viikii...It will only start screening in KBS World in Malaysia on 11th October.

With a plotline cross between You're Beautiful/ Coffee Prince/ Hua Mulan/ Hana Kim??,  the story is portrayed in historical times of a cross dressing girl as a male to gain access to the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University in order to to find a living for her poor mother, and sick brother.

And there is a young Confucian scholar Kim Yoon-hui, who gets into this forbidden place for women, hiding her gender. Yoon-hui’s father, Kim Seung-hyun was a scholar at Sungkyunkwan and also a good friend of the Crown prince. King Yeongjo calls him before the day of his death and asks him to hand down his secret book Kum-deung-ji-sa across the generations.

However, Kim Seung-hyun gets killed by the opposing faction and the book has disappeared. Yoon-hui was only 7-year-old when her father got murdered. Yoon-hui has a talent for writing, which had inherited from her father. She starts to stay at Sungkyunkwan and meets three good friends: Seon-joon, Jae-sin, Yong-ha. Yoon-hui slowly gets fascinated by King Jeongjo’s vision and becomes to understand what her father truly dreamt of.

The story so far, in its 8th Episode, is quite exciting still. In the grand tradition of F4 boys, this portrays the F4 of the Joseon Period, aka. Boys Over Flowers. *LOL*.

So far, only two persons have correctly guessed that the main character is a female, but to everyone else, she is a "he". Being found would mean the death penalty, but let's hope the writers for the drama do not do just a bang up version at it...

I was following My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/ Nine Tailed Fox (starring ballad prince, Lee Seung Ki) which was interesting...for a while, but this one cut through halfway.. I'll most likely get the DVD when the screening for Sungkyunkwan Scandal ends.

Kekeke... Hwaiting!

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Silverfox said...

I believe you meant NINE tailed fox, CY.... <___<

CY said...

Hahaha.. yeah it does.

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