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K-dramas keeping me occupied.

So I've been recovering from a flu....

It's been way too long-- but I guess that's how a flu runs?
Been mostly bedridden and resting at home.

To keep myself from going crazy, I had been watching korean dramas..

I really have to say that MiNamIsiNaeYo (You're Beautiful) was my favourite for the year!

Aside from Boys Before Flowers (2009), this one takes the cake from all the korean dramas I have seen on KBS-W last year. There were a lot of hits and misses, but the fact that I keep rewatching You're Beautiful does say something.

Anyways, I have also finished watching Personal Preference, starring Lee Min Ho, and Sohn Yeh Jin, and am moving halfway through My Girl, starring Lee Da Hae.

May-December romance?
As much as I do think that Lee Min Ho is a hottie (in Boys Before Flowers) and Sohn Yeh Jin is extremely beautiful (in April Snow), however, I really do not think that their on-screen pairing works well. It's not to say that their acting is horribly bad, but Sohn Yeh Jin's character looks more like an elder sister (noona) than a lover in Personal Preference.

Sohn Yeh Jin is 28, and Lee Min Ho is 23 this year. As much as Sohn Yeh Jin does look beautiful, however her real age still shows through when partnered with Min Ho who however looks very much his youthful biological age.

Well, that apart, if Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho were ever partnered together, I would willingly approve of that. Though I must say that the behind-the-scenes from Personal Preference do reveal that Lee Min Ho is a pretty shy fellow, as compared to someone like Shin-Hye who is thoroughly an extrovert... ha ha ha.

My Girl
I'm still halfway through this drama. Lee Da Hae's character is sure one crazy girl. LOL.


Silverfox said...

"My Girl" is pretty entertaining. This is my first Korean movie (not a fan of K-dramas), which is also happened to be the first that I liked.

There's a surprise ending, by the way :P

CY said...

haha about the surprise ending... the story would have been better if i watched it during that time..

the "flavour" seems to be different as I'm watching it from a different time-zone/span, and 5 years can make a difference in the director's style.

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