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EON Bank charging me for a non card issued.

Before I left for Sydney, I had applied for a Mastercard credit card with EON Bank. As I had applied for the card at the same time as my other family members, they all received the credit card kit at the same time.

I had also provided instructions on my application to have the card delivered to the bank outlet instead of home, so I knew that if the card was approved, I should receive a text message from the bank.

So waiting in futile, I finally received a letter in the mail from EON bank stating that my card application was not approved.

So fine, I thought that was the end of the story.

Yet on the day that I was due to leave Malaysia, I received another letter from the bank saying that they are charging me RM50 service fee for the card. WTFH????

Right, did not the bank send me a letter saying that the card application was not approved. So then how in the world could the bank then next send me a statement charging me for RM50 service charge?

That did not make any sense.

So I wrote to the bank informing that of what happened. Can you guess what happened next?

They said "please give us your Australian address, so that we can forward you the card to your Australian address."

Have you ever heard of such nonsense?

Was this technicality problem on their part?


Really, that's not my problem.

So I wrote back with instructions asking them to cancel the card....

However, two months  later...

During camp, I was surprised to check through my mobile phone an email from my mother saying that I currently "owe" EON Bank about  Rm65.00 for the service charge, and she advised me that if I can't pay, she would pay for me...



I wrote to EON Bank another email.

However, I added the line that if they choose to disregard my instructions, I will have to forward the matter to the financial ombudsman, or Bank Negara, or any other related associations.

I hope they will do what is right, because if not, that is exactly WHAT I am going to do.

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