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Delicacy Beauty & Spa: First Massage Experience

So today I went for a 30 minutes massage at my local salon.

I had been hankering for one in a while, since I visited Strathfield a couple of weeks ago and went about collecting all the flyers and brochures.

In Strathfield, there are a number of korean salons (Strathfield is the most well known KoreaTown in Sydney, at least). However, the thought of having to wait and take a train, and spend extra on the train fare when there already was a Sothys salon in Ashfield Mall did put off those aspirations.

As much as I would like to try out korean massages, I have tried the ones from Sothys. Knowing that they DO work for me, I did not really want to bother with changing to another brand, say PAYOT for instance.

Even if I wanted to do a massage, I should (and would) have done it in Korea at the jimjilbang as it would be less costly to do so. But case in hand, I had not, so I decided not to do it there. The same would go for here as well!

I was also deciding whether to go for the normal TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) type massage, as they abound in Ashfield. 

I was trying to decide if to go for it, but since I had to go to the mall, and had ample time at hand (since I was not working today), I decided to go for it. Further, most salons are not as busy in the afternoons, so I know there was a good chance of a vacancy.

So I went into the salon, just right before it turned the next hour, and asked about the different types of massages.

There were two types, being the more higher grade version which used Aromatherapy oil, and the normal massage oil type. I chose the latter, which had the option of 30, and 60 minutes.

I opted for the 30 minutes massage as it was my first for a massage there. Namely, I wanted to trial out the first massage experience before deciding further.

Coincidentally, I also had a sore back (not truly sore-sore, but still sore nonetheless), so it was good timing.

I waited for only about five minutes, when the therapist was just finishing up with another client before it came to my turn.

For the massage, I was asked to remove my upper half & inner garments.

It was pretty good. The masseur, had strong hands. 

I rested through it, and came out feeling much well and rested from the massage.

The masseur/therapist did inform me that she could feel the knots. With the blood flowing through now, I guess I won't feel so sleepy as I did as the circulation is much better after the hard massage.

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