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Junior Masterchef in the books?


Junior Masterchef in the books?

So today was the finale of the Masterchef at 7.30pm Australian time.

Seriously speaking, I was not really following the series, but the kids at childcare centres were following it even more avidly than I was. LOL!

If you're wondering, Masterchef is a reality television programme on Australian Channel Ten which gives budding chefs the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop their cooking skills, to be mentored by the best, and of course, be on tv!

The television programme is so popular that THE one-off federal election debate between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott had been moved to an earlier timeslot on Sunday night, LOL!

Anyways, after service at the Anglican church near my home, there was supposed to be a screening of the Masterchef on the big screen. But since one of my friends, William, was celebrating his birthday, I had to opt for that instead. ^^

I haven't had chinese cuisine in a long time since living in a korean household. LOL..

For dinner, first we had some kind of a chinese style corn soup with other stuff (which I can't remember) lol..

This was followed by huge portions of pork and vege dumplings. (gyoza like dumplings). YUM!

After which, we had pizza from Pizza Hut (Brought by William)..

For dessert to top it off, we had "tong yuen" with sweet potato and adzuki beans. YUM.

Oh, and we watched Masterchef of course! I was even more surprised to find out that there'll be a spinoff with Junior Masterchef on board in the next few weeks to come! Should be exciting to watch.. ^^
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K-dramas keeping me occupied.


K-dramas keeping me occupied.

So I've been recovering from a flu....

It's been way too long-- but I guess that's how a flu runs?
Been mostly bedridden and resting at home.

To keep myself from going crazy, I had been watching korean dramas..

I really have to say that MiNamIsiNaeYo (You're Beautiful) was my favourite for the year!

Aside from Boys Before Flowers (2009), this one takes the cake from all the korean dramas I have seen on KBS-W last year. There were a lot of hits and misses, but the fact that I keep rewatching You're Beautiful does say something.

Anyways, I have also finished watching Personal Preference, starring Lee Min Ho, and Sohn Yeh Jin, and am moving halfway through My Girl, starring Lee Da Hae.

May-December romance?
As much as I do think that Lee Min Ho is a hottie (in Boys Before Flowers) and Sohn Yeh Jin is extremely beautiful (in April Snow), however, I really do not think that their on-screen pairing works well. It's not to say that their acting is horribly bad, but Sohn Yeh Jin's character looks more like an elder sister (noona) than a lover in Personal Preference.

Sohn Yeh Jin is 28, and Lee Min Ho is 23 this year. As much as Sohn Yeh Jin does look beautiful, however her real age still shows through when partnered with Min Ho who however looks very much his youthful biological age.

Well, that apart, if Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho were ever partnered together, I would willingly approve of that. Though I must say that the behind-the-scenes from Personal Preference do reveal that Lee Min Ho is a pretty shy fellow, as compared to someone like Shin-Hye who is thoroughly an extrovert... ha ha ha.

My Girl
I'm still halfway through this drama. Lee Da Hae's character is sure one crazy girl. LOL.
Delicacy Beauty & Spa: First Massage Experience

Delicacy Beauty & Spa: First Massage Experience

So today I went for a 30 minutes massage at my local salon.

I had been hankering for one in a while, since I visited Strathfield a couple of weeks ago and went about collecting all the flyers and brochures.

In Strathfield, there are a number of korean salons (Strathfield is the most well known KoreaTown in Sydney, at least). However, the thought of having to wait and take a train, and spend extra on the train fare when there already was a Sothys salon in Ashfield Mall did put off those aspirations.

As much as I would like to try out korean massages, I have tried the ones from Sothys. Knowing that they DO work for me, I did not really want to bother with changing to another brand, say PAYOT for instance.

Even if I wanted to do a massage, I should (and would) have done it in Korea at the jimjilbang as it would be less costly to do so. But case in hand, I had not, so I decided not to do it there. The same would go for here as well!

I was also deciding whether to go for the normal TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) type massage, as they abound in Ashfield. 

I was trying to decide if to go for it, but since I had to go to the mall, and had ample time at hand (since I was not working today), I decided to go for it. Further, most salons are not as busy in the afternoons, so I know there was a good chance of a vacancy.

So I went into the salon, just right before it turned the next hour, and asked about the different types of massages.

There were two types, being the more higher grade version which used Aromatherapy oil, and the normal massage oil type. I chose the latter, which had the option of 30, and 60 minutes.

I opted for the 30 minutes massage as it was my first for a massage there. Namely, I wanted to trial out the first massage experience before deciding further.

Coincidentally, I also had a sore back (not truly sore-sore, but still sore nonetheless), so it was good timing.

I waited for only about five minutes, when the therapist was just finishing up with another client before it came to my turn.

For the massage, I was asked to remove my upper half & inner garments.

It was pretty good. The masseur, had strong hands. 

I rested through it, and came out feeling much well and rested from the massage.

The masseur/therapist did inform me that she could feel the knots. With the blood flowing through now, I guess I won't feel so sleepy as I did as the circulation is much better after the hard massage.
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K-drama: You're Beautiful.

Recently I just watched You're Beautiful ( Mi Nam Isi-Nae-Yo -미남이시네요)... and it's absolutely addictive!! I keep listening to the OST on my laptop..

There have been many cross-dresser dramas in the past, but this one really takes the cake for 2009!

The Storyline...

It is a story of a girl, Go Mi Nyu who impersonates the place of her twin brother, Go Mi Nam, in joining a fictional idol band, A.N.Jell. The brother was unable to return in time to make his debut due to a botched eye surgery.

Mi Nyu having grown up in a convent, and intending to be a nun, initially has her polite and quirky ways difficult to get along with the band's prickly team leader, Tae Gyung. She also has to keep secret her identity as a girl until her brother returns, but that seems harder than she thought....

However with one incident after another, as Mi Nyu displays her kindness and concern, it soon breaks down Tae Gyung's prickly ways, as they both get to know each other..

Other cast members include band idol Lee Hong Ki (from the band F.T Island) as Jeremy, and Lee Yong Hwa (from C.N. Blue). 

Why I recommend this drama?
Solid acting and performance from all the actors. A balance of humour, romance, and good story line. Not to mention good chemistry between the entire cast! Also do remember to keep the tissue box handy!

Don't forget about the soundtrack, as the songs performed by the band A.N.Jell are listen worthy, and absolute pure enjoyment and worth its gold in time.

Why I especially like is that in real life, the actors are the total opposite of the characters they portray, which makes the performance in drama much more solid and view worthy. The performance will have you in tears (literally!) that I have to keep the tissue box in hand many times....

OST Links:
You're Beautiful OST Download Link.

Some trivia about the You're Beautiful Cast...

Hwang Tae Gyung: Lead singer of A.N. Jell.
Actor- Jang Geun Seuk- also the previous ambassador for Etude House (before Lee Min Ho). He has done a number of commercials with Park Shin Hye in the past. He has been acting from a young age.

Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu: 
Actress- Park Shin Hye- She is also the female ambassador for Etude House. For this drama, she had to cut her hair to look like a boy...  Like Geun Seuk, she has been acting from her early years.

Jeremy: Member of A.N. Jell.
Lee Hong Ki- lead singer of the four member idol band- F.T. Island

Kang Shin Woo: Member of A.N. Jell.
Jung Yong Hwa- lead singer, and guitarist of the four member band C.N.Blue.

Hoo Yee: 
UEE- one of the members of the girl group - After School. In real life, she has a shy personality.
EON Bank charging me for a non card issued.


EON Bank charging me for a non card issued.

Before I left for Sydney, I had applied for a Mastercard credit card with EON Bank. As I had applied for the card at the same time as my other family members, they all received the credit card kit at the same time.

I had also provided instructions on my application to have the card delivered to the bank outlet instead of home, so I knew that if the card was approved, I should receive a text message from the bank.

So waiting in futile, I finally received a letter in the mail from EON bank stating that my card application was not approved.

So fine, I thought that was the end of the story.

Yet on the day that I was due to leave Malaysia, I received another letter from the bank saying that they are charging me RM50 service fee for the card. WTFH????

Right, did not the bank send me a letter saying that the card application was not approved. So then how in the world could the bank then next send me a statement charging me for RM50 service charge?

That did not make any sense.

So I wrote to the bank informing that of what happened. Can you guess what happened next?

They said "please give us your Australian address, so that we can forward you the card to your Australian address."

Have you ever heard of such nonsense?

Was this technicality problem on their part?


Really, that's not my problem.

So I wrote back with instructions asking them to cancel the card....

However, two months  later...

During camp, I was surprised to check through my mobile phone an email from my mother saying that I currently "owe" EON Bank about  Rm65.00 for the service charge, and she advised me that if I can't pay, she would pay for me...



I wrote to EON Bank another email.

However, I added the line that if they choose to disregard my instructions, I will have to forward the matter to the financial ombudsman, or Bank Negara, or any other related associations.

I hope they will do what is right, because if not, that is exactly WHAT I am going to do.
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Cold winter ahead.

Cold winter ahead.

So yes, I'm now bed ridden at home with a flu. Since Monday anyways. Not a good thing, but better to get well than to get stressed at work managing the children... lalala.. not a good thing.

Anyways, Sydney is in the middle of a winter now. it's about 5 degrees (average). I know its not as cold as South Korea, which can go down to as low as -15 this year.

The difference is that South Korea is fully prepared for such extreme weathers, and is well insulated in winters with their underfloor ondol heating. Unfortunately, such luxuries do not exist in Australia yet, and it'll be light years before we have ondol heating around here anyways.
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Myer One: Stay radiant with Skin Deep in July


Myer One: Stay radiant with Skin Deep in July

The July edition of Beauty Monthly has been brought forward to bring you an exclusive preview of Skin Deep. Experience amazing treatments and consultations, and receive fantastic bonuses and offers from some of the most innovative skin care brands at Myer. Hurry in from Sunday 4 until Saturday 17 July 2010 to explore your skin's real beauty. While stock lasts.

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visit your nearest Lancôme counter at Myer for a complimentary 10 minute skin consultation along with a stress-relieving hand massage and receive a bonus sample of the NEW Hydra Zen moisturiser 5ml*

visit your nearest Biotherm counter at Myer and receive a 7 second skin hydration check plus a 5ml sample of new Source Thérapie 7*

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