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Landlords: They're all the same.

There is one thing I must say about landlords/landladies. They're all money minded.

"You should not turn on the television and laptop at the same time! How can you be watching both at the same time?!"

"There is no need to turn on the lights in the morning!"

Some even turn off the lights halfway when you are having your meal! How Rude!

"Did you use the internet all night?? I know coz the lights on the modem was blinking all night!" (I was already asleep by 2, and slept in this morning...*Hmmm*). How dare she accuse me?!

"So, when do you start working?"

"Aren't you going to be working?"

"How come you're home all day?" *(and watching tv and using the laptop..)*

The last time I was staying in my previous location (it was in a shared room for AUD140 on Pitt St, Sydney), one of my house mates told me that it was not advisable to tell the landlord if I ever had travel plans. (they may think we have too much money..)

Especially if it meant going to Korea! (and you all know that I went to South Korea, hehe!) ^^

The previous landlord was a Chinese couple from Indonesia who could not stand chinese mushrooms (and they were chinese? Weird people), who incessantly talked about money. Telling them I was going to Korea is equivalent to hanging one's self.

When I told them of my plans to go home (to KL) after I got my visa approved, they were really surprised.. Its like, I think many of them try to find a way to stay in Australia, but here a KL-lite going home...

Sad people, I must say. I hope I meet less of them.

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