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Delicacy Beauty & Spa (Sothys Partner Salon)

Right, so I have been in Sydney for about 4 weeks now. Seems like a long time does it not? It seems like a century since I arrived here in early May.

The weather has not been too kind of my skin recently. My skin has gone pretty dry due to the cold weather, and has breaking out for the past two weeks or so. Perhaps this is due to the frequent rain that normally occurs during this period of time, that signals the change of one season to the next.

So, I've been to a number of malls, and checked out their different pricing strategies. Some charge by way of a free facial for two product purchases (normally around AUD150), and for others, the normal facial purchase. Mind you, the price range of facials at departmental stores like David Jones start from AUD90 to about AUD135!

Located near where I currently live, is the local mall. There is a salon which I have found to showcase only Sothys, and OPI products, so I am pretty pleased as pie. I get really wary if salons subscribe to too many skincare range.

Anyways, the salon, Delicacy Beauty & Spa has a rather nondescript appearance from the outside. As I was at the mall this afternoon with my housemate, JC, I decided to just take the plunge and make an appointment!

It was fortunate that I brought her along, as JC is a person who is particular about customer service, and she was not too keen on the service she observed (just like how I was with the Three service).

However, I'll take her observation into my consideration when I go in for the facial. Will write more after the appointment!

Services at Delicacy Beauty & Spa include:

- Facials from AUD 40 - AUD 160
- Body Treatments from AUD 35- AUD125
- Ladies Waxing from AUD 5 - AUD160
- Men's Waxing from AUD12 - AUD45
- Eye Treatment from AUD38- AUD40
- Tinting & Piercing from AUD12
- Permanent Make up from AUD80- AUD260
- Make Up from AUD40
- Nail Care Services from AUD25.
- Hand & Feet Care from AUD20
- Acrylic Nail from AUD8 - AUD70

For every $1 spent, you will get 1 Bonus Point. Accumulate 2000 bonus points,
get $50 for Free. T&C applies.

Facial Course of 6 times- less 10% discount. Payment for treatment courses are not refundable.

Operation Hours:
Open 7 Days
Monday- Saturday 9:00- 17:30
Thursday 9:00- 21:00
Sunday 9:30-17:00

Shop 53, Level 4 Ashfield Mall
260A Liverpool Road, Ashfield
Tel: (02) 9798 3828

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