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Which Optus/Boost phone leh?

Ok, am searching for phones on Optus/Boost network. Supposedly cheaper, and able to unlcok

Boost is so called sister brand of Optus. Almost everything is the same.. well.. almost, but not all.

Looking for preferably a mobile with Qwerty keyboard, and Internet/MSN/ Facebook capabilities.

More details to be found here on the Dick Smith Online Store. Another issue is technical support, as well as stock supplies. Hmm.

Optus Nokia E63 (AUD 199)

Optus Blackberry 8520 (AUD 249)

Boost Blackberry Pearl 8120 (AUD199)

Three Network has some pretty good phones, but to unlock their SIM-locked phones requires AUD199 charge. So we can forget about it.

As for Boost phone, it'd require that I "transfer" to  Boost, as essentially it is a different network from Optus, although almost everything is almost the same.

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