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Down Under in Perth

Am currently in Perth. Arrived here on Friday morning. So I'll be here for four days.

Arrived at the Perth International Airport. Had a nice long interrogation as I wrote Ashfield as my final destination on my arrival/custom cards. They didn't really bother much with my luggage contents (surprisingly).

Took the Connect Point shuttle bus (whatever it is called) for about AUD18 one way from International Airport to the YHA Perth to stay at. 

Roamed the city. The city area is pretty small. There are free CAT buses (City Area Transport) that takes people around the town for FREE! Money saver there.

The occupants in my room hailed from Canada, Holland and Japan. The Dutch traveller was surprised that I could speak three languages.. ha ha ha. The Japanese traveller was going to be in OZ for about 6 months- and she's about the same age! So Adventurous!

Fremantle. Took the Day Rider fare on the Perth train (about Aud8.80) to Fremantle. The journey is about half an hour at most.

There is also an free Orange CAT in Fremantle that takes visitors around. Met a korean mother and her two children whilst at the beach/quay there.

Is there much to do in Fremantle? Well, the markets are free. You get to buy and see stuff and check out the docks. But the touristy places do cost a bit in admission fees.

Woke up about 10 in the morning. Roamed the city by CAT and checked out Northbridge on the BLUE CAT. Walked a bit more to the malls (MYERS and DAVID JONES)

There was this Jurlique promotion happening at MYERS and DAVID JONES, but I could not decide whether to get it. Also, forgot to bring my Priceline Pharmacy member card. So heck.

Just headed back to the YHA about 3ish and had another nap. ( I know, it just feels so slothish)..

Was inspired by the room mate here- she just came back from a vine yard tour, so I decided to see what I could do on my last day in Perth. Turned out that the vineyard bookings did not have enough numbers to fill the slot, so I ended up booking a trip to Rottnest.

It was about AUD95 (after YHA Concession!) YEAH!

The admin told me that I can visit vineyards anywhere, but Rottnest,well, is found only in Rottnest! I could not decide whether to take the Eco Adventure (another by boat/ferry thingy) as I was not sure if I'd get sea-sickness (I have got sea sick before!) and waste the money if that happens, so I just stuck to the on train/tram adventure.

Heading to Rottnest. Its an island 25 minutes about 1.5 hours away from Perth by Ferry + admission entrance fee. Am taking the train around the place.  

Checking out from Perth City YHA- and heading to Sydney by plane.

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