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S2 Slimming: My First Trial Experience (Part II)

Continuing from this post, I was led to the first floor of the three-storey building. I left my belongings in the locker, and was led to the treatment room where I removed my clothing.

In this outlet, I changed my attire in the room itself, with drapes enclosing the entrance to prevent people walking past from "peeping" inside.

For the first trial, as per the first trial menu, I was given
- 1 x Point Navel Care Therapy/or  DMS. (I chose DMS)
- 1 x Navel Mask (which was technically something smoking they put on your navel)
- 1 x Detox Wrap
- 1 x Heat Blanket/ or Presso Therapy (I chose Heat Blanket)

S2 Slimming hires both foreign as well as local staff for body therapists. Most of the therapists have been with the company for a number of years now.

A trainer comes in from Hong Kong almost every month or two to assess and ensure that therapists' skills are up to date. S2 Slimming has branches in both Malaysia and Hong Kong, and may be expanding further.
S2 Slimming offers both body massages (duh!) and facials. There are about 17 types of treatments available for the purpose of detoxification and fat burning of the body.

Body massages are limited only to female customers, whereas certain specific outlets will provide facials to men. Please contact the company for more details.

For example, the ADP (Advance Detoxification Program) as pictured below, it utilizes 5 types of different treatments. 

The  S2 Signature Program utilizes 3 types of treatments.
The first trial massage was not bad.  As far as I know, even a normal half body massage at some reflexology centres in Mid Valley cost about fifty bucks for half an hour, so this is was a good first trial.

The therapists have surprisingly strong hands! You just have to get ready for some strong "pinches"!

There will be packages available at promotional rates for first time customers. The Outlet Manager/ Consultant will (undoubtedly) ensure that. ^^

What I like about the treatments is that clients can utilize the treatment per the time they have available. I.e, if a client only has one hour for that day, the client can utilize a treatment that can be rendered for one hour, instead of say treatments that are counted by the days.


 For those interested to check out S2 Slimming, the First Trial price is RM50. (As you know, I did have to pay)..

HOWEVER if you quote my name (Yong Chea-Yee from Kuchai Lama branch), you'll get a "free boarding pass" for a complimentary free body first trial.

Well, what else are you waiting for??

S2 Hotline: 1800-88-8852

Current New S2 Customer Promotions: 

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