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My New Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC FS12

Yesterday was my so called shopping day. Finally bought my Clarins skincare haul, and joined as a member! Hoo hoo.. Membership lasts for two years from date of joining, so all's good even if away travelling the world.

Headed to PIKOM PC Fair at KL Convention Centre yesterday. The place was massive. Heavily crowded!

Went with Kit, met up with Eu Vern at KLCC mall for dinner before checking out PIKOM fair.

Early yesterday, I had a chat with my cousin, Mabel who is in Interior Design. She knows a bit on cameras, and from what I know, most people do not bother with Nikon from their compact point-and-shoot.

Initially, was thinking of returning my Nikon (an L21) to Nikon marketing to get a higher end point-and-shoot or DSLR, but decided it was not worth my time (not this time around anyways) to bother with the hassle.

There were a few range of Canon cameras that I was interested, but since general consensus was that the Panasonic Lumix was a much better deal than the Canon, Nikon or Sony at any price range, I finally succumbed!
Purchased a Panasonic Lumix going at RM599 (paid less, of course!)

1 x SD Card Reader + 4 GB SDHC + 8 GB SDHC + 1 SD Card Holder + 1 Towel.   

What do I think? It's a pretty good deal! They even had a RM299 camera, but I didn't want something that much cheaper, eventhough it was pretty good for its price.

Actually, the guy was going to sell me another higher end Panasonic for about RM1300 (NP. RM1600+). But I thought, what the heck. If I wanted something higher end, I might as well get an DSLR from Nikon. Which was my initial plan anyways.

Will deal with the Nikon L21 later. Probably get rid of it on E-Bay or sell it off to someone who needs a simple point and shoot.
So guys, one Nikon L21 going at RM270 with 4GB HDSD card. NP RM298. You save RM40. Selling cheaper, as I want to get rid of it! If Interested, text me!


Mr Lonely said...

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Miu said...

oh hmmm i think i have this model too, gotta check out first b4 confirm..

the higher end must be the fashion one is it?

CY said...

yo woman, how many cameras u have la?

my canon one- i am keeping. although its old, however, Canon no longer manufactures normal low end camera with Manual mode liao.

So sad.

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