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ICLS: Elementary I Korean Exam.

Today I had my Elementary I Korean Exam. Totally wrote crap for my exam essay.

First Essay Question: *Something something * introduce your family.
I ended up writing about my family's life and love revolving around the television. Then I wrote that I surfed the Internet instead.

Second Essay Question: *Something something* introduce Malaysia
I ended up writing something about baek-hwa-jeom (shopping malls) and when the weather is hot, people go to shopping malls. Curry mee and Pan Mee is delicious. I like pan mee......

My teacher was metaphorically looking up to the wall with a sigh whilst shaking her head saying, "How am I supposed to mark your paper?"

LOL. I passed the paper... so that is all that counts. She just said my grammar needs more practice. 

Also found out that my teacher, Kim Eun Mi also speaks some Mandarin. She was conversing in simple mandarin to the adminstration staff in ICLS.

After that, I went for my facial at 128 Faubourg. My last Professional Treatment at 128 Faubourg. Oh well..
initially I wanted to buy an eye treatment, but since the therapist did not insist, I let it be. Anyways, I saved RM280+ that way!

Also went to check out some skincare products from Clarins. Hmmm.... not sure which one I wanted so I ended up not getting any.

Finally, went to check out the Nikon showroom in Berjaya Times Square. Quite a huge array of cameras for hands-on? But not that much really did interest me. >.<
Did you know that there finally and officially is a Sanrio store in Malaysia? It is located in Lot 10 Isetan, 2nd Floor. I was looking for Little Twin Stars merchandise but I guess that has to wait! 

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