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Tokyo: Around the city (Day 2)

Continuing from here, the next day Ai Ling & I woke up (early) to make the best of my (limited) time in Tokyo to visit the sights and scenes.

Since neither of us were willing to wake up early (like 4-5am) just to head to the Tsukiji Fish Market (or any fish market at all, and smell like fish), or go outdoors to Disneyland (where it was freezing winter cold), or go for half a day's journey just to see Sanrio Park (from Tokyo it was a few hours!), the next best thing we decided to do was to go Hello Kitty/Sanrio hunting throughout Tokyo!!

First Stop: 100% Chocolate Cafe.

About600 Yen ? Cake & Coffee. Still hungry after that...

This place was okay if  you already had your meal, and wanted a coffee place to sit and chat.

2nd Stop: Sanrio/Hello Kitty Outlet---in Shinjuku. We went to the Shinjuku Gift Gate Elegant, and
the Isetan Shinjuku Hello Kitty Precious but because it was in Isetan, it was difficult to take pictures.

Shinjuku Gift Gate Elegant. 
chewy donuts made out of glutinous rice flour for tea- Popular in Korea & Japan.

Public bath in Tokyo- equivalent to Korea's Mo-Gyok-Tang near Ai Ling's home.


CAL said...

Oh man, I don't remember where that is anymore, even though I can visualize the shop. Somewhere in Shibuya, maybe?

CY said...

Which one u don't remember? Haha... the public bath is just about the corner off where you used to live.

CAL said...

The chocolate cafe is the one I don't remember. ^_^ It was somewhere. If I ever want to find it again, I'll have to look it up again!

CY said...

The first place must be somewhere near Shinjuku since we went there next... Hmmm

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