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My package from Korea is here! (Skin Food, InnisFree, Etude House)

My parcel that I ordered with this local blog, Whimsical Needs finally arrived today!

It arrived at my office.. My colleague thought I had ordered bananas from Korea as there was a fruity fragrance emitting from the package, LOL!

The order was placed end January. As  most may (or may not know) South Korea also celebrates the Lunar New Year, so delivery took a while over the lunar season.
I wonder what's in the package?
Well, let's open and see...

Oh, lots of stuff!

The very popular Innisfree Wine Essencial Mask..
I first tried this when I was in South Korea early this year...  I loved the wine smell that I picked up the Innisfree Wine Sleeping Pack before I headed home to Malaysia. So when I was ordering online, I decided to include the InnisFree Essencial Mask as well.

Especially good on a hot day, leave it in the fridge to have a refreshing cold mask treat on an extremely hot tropical sunny day! 

Skin Food items!

When I was in South Korea, I found out that Skin Food, as well as InnisFree was among the more popularly affordable and "better for skin" skin and body care products available that was recommended by my local korean friends.

So, since I was in an online shopping spree, I decided to try out items from Skin Food as well.
Among the items ordered:
  • Skin Food Hop Beer Hair Wash, 
  • Skin Food Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel, 
  • SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off 
  • The other complimentary samples were given by the retailer.
Gift With Purchases!!
Here are some GWP you may be interested to know... 
  • One x Total Age Repair Travel Set (worth RM23) with purchases of RM168 and above. 
  • One piece x TFS Pearl Essential Mask Sheet with purchases RM48 and above. 
Emily from Whimsical Needs threw in the Shower Ball as well as the fluffy pink ball pen from Etude  House.. (I already have two myself!). Thanks, Emily!

If you guys are interested to order online (at a lower than retail price = CHEAPER!), do check out Whimsical Needs!


Jean said...

Thanks for intro this to us!

Lavender said...

the skin food black sugar mask is good. I finish mine already.

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