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Asterspring: ORP Chamber Immersion.

Remember the RM260 voucher I won recently?

Last week after work, I did some checks at their Bangsar outlet, and realised that I could use the voucher on  their Vitality menu (i.e, body menu services).

I had a pretty bad body ache the past few days, so I thought I'd try out the ORP Chamber Immersion. So I made an appointment to go in today, after finishing my work errands.

What is the ORP Chamber Immersion? Description of the Treatment rendered as from their site:

ORP Chamber Immersion
Exceptional therapy to boost energy, initiates deep detoxification, increase metabolism, repair free radical damage and de-stress. A rejuvenation energizing and anti-aging ‘must have’.

It claims to burn down 600 calories after one session of ORP!

Asterspring ORP
The ORP Chamber Immersion.

Asterspring ORP- me!
Me.. my face totally glowing. ^^

Upon entrance into the changing room, I was given the (kimono) robe and towel to change into. After which, I was asked to take a shower (to get myself immersed in water). If you have ever been to a sauna, you'd understand why, as heat is conducted better when a body is immersed in liquid than when it is dry. After which, I was asked to go into the "chamber" wearing the sandals given.

So there I was in this chamber, covered with two pieces of bath robe for 20 minutes to the temperature of 40 degrees celcius. Then they turned on a video (on tv, of course) for me to keep myself occupied for the next 20 minutes or so.

The therapists were constantly coming in and out every few minutes or so to ask if the temperature was too hot, and brought in a glass of water.. (I think they were afraid I might have fainted in there!)

After that, I was brought out for a 30? minute of upper back massage, and there after an eye treatment that utilized warm paraffin wax. The Eye Treatment was performed using purely Dermalogica products (of course, being at Asterspring!)

I felt so totally refreshed after the 2 hour body treatment!

Breakdown of Cost of Treatment:
The ORP Chamber Immersion + Upper Back Massage (RM188) + Warm Eye Treatment (RM85)
Total: RM273 (deducting amount from Service Voucher RM260)
Top Up: Total Rm13 ONLY. 


Miu said...

SHIAT I WANNA TRY ALSO BUT DUWAN PAY RM273 TO TRY!!!! arghhh no first time trial meh?!

CY said...

its about RM148 something... i think i have a free voucher for that lying somewhere...

小美 said...

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