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Mudeungsan: A missed hiking opportunity ?

If you have been following my blog, I would have mentioned Mudeungsan (Mount Mudeung) in my blog entries when I was in Gwangju.

However, a few days ago, I was watching 1 Night 2 Days, a korean variety show on KBS2, and in one of the episodes, these group of 5 guys were up this hill. This episode took place right before Christmas.

Anyways, throughout the first three quarters of the episode, it was all nice and cold windy winter. However, throughout the last part of the show, it started to rain, after the 5 guys went to sleep. Halfway raining, it suddenly turned to snow!!

Not only did it not only snow, it started snowing heavily. The situation was such that the filming crew had to wake up all the five participants (who were already sleeping blissfully) and had them to leave as it was an emergency and a precarious situation.

If you are wondering why the situation may seem dangerous, and think that snow is all fluffy and nice, it really is not. In fact, it is dangerous when it snows too heavily, as it causes roads to be slippery, and accidents happen, and a walking person could slip and fall. Which happened a lot of times to me who was not used to this.

Not only that, the temperature was horribly cold (-15 degrees), and in such extreme cold temperatures, everyone was advised to stay indoors (and not travel!!!).

(Yes, this year was the first time I had ever experienced such a cold wave, and really serious hazardous situation in my life, coming from a tropical country).  I believe even people living in Tokyo may not have faced such a hazardous situation!

So this afternoon during a lunch date, I had a discussion with a work-mate, and though I would have totally loved to go up MudeungSan, it may have been totally a risky hazard to my health to have done so!


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