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He will always be my first love.

Today I borrowed this book called "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" from a cell mate, DS. I had initially read the author's second book called, "Boy Meets Girl" many years ago, and I thought it'd be good to read something nurturing and encouraging for my tired soul. ^^

Reading the words in this book helped me to reaffirm the promise I made many many years ago. I must admit, in those earlier years, it was prematurely made, and hastily done. Sometimes I do wonder, and ask God who the person He has in mind for me, but I never did once regret making the choice to follow after Him.

It is inevitable that there will come a time when one will start to see pictures of babies and receive invitations of peers all starting to tie to knot. For me, this time has come. With it, comes the pressure of having to do the same.

Its not to say that I do not want to get attached, but I find no reason to get attached just because everyone else is doing it. Loneliness is not an excuse to get hitched, but it should be to the right person- whom I love. Granted, I am not getting any younger. But it's no excuse to hitch yourself to next Simple Simon you meet down the street, isn't it?

The words written by Joshua Harris in his book read earlier this evening, echoes the same thoughts. Delaying dating, and marriage until one is ready, helps me to appreciate this season of my singleness. There was one point of time in my life where I had almost not made it to Australia due to thoughts of pursuing a relationship. Yet, the Lord had other plans for me.

Now that I reflect back, I seriously believe that youngsters should not get attached to someone till they are ready to commit, and start a marriage. I can only imagine the number of missed opportunities and friendships I'd not have should I have not made the trip to Australia, or even to traverse the world. Not to mention the Toowoomba experiences that has made my faith stronger today.

Singlehood is a season of time when we should prepare ourselves both mentally, emotionally, financially, and pursue our interests. Hustle while you wait, is a good way to put it. It takes more than love to sustain a marriage. Being financially ready, and emotional and mental maturity is essential to make the marriage work.

I first made the choice to put God first over a relationship five years ago. It may take another five years before the Lord will provide me an answer. Yet if you were to ask, and some mates did ask today, I will still give you the same answer as I did then.

I won't regret and I have not ever since, for the Lord will always be my first love.

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