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South Korea: Laneige @ Duty-Free Incheon Airport.

INCHEON AIRPORT @ 16th January 2010
This is my final shopping haul. I was going around looking for skincare products, and since I could not decide what to get, I just grabbed two products off the shelf, as time was short!

At the AK Duty-Free shop (near Gate 15) I visited, there were a number of SAs manning the place. The prices were given in American Dollars, and then converted to Korean Won. The SA manning the Laneige booth spoke mostly Korean, but the SA manning the Etude House booth was a foreigner - chinese who asked me if I spoke Mandarin.

So, you can guess that at most touristy places, there is always a staff who is bilingual. It just makes economic sense.
* Water Bank Cream Ex 2 (25,000won)
* Hydra Solution Mask (Box of 8)
[Pictures Later!]

From what I had observed, the Laneige Hydra Solution masks (8 sheets per box) retails for less than  Skin Food's Gold Caviar Collagen mask (About 4,000won each?). Does that mean that the quality of Skin Food's mask ingredients is better?

Even The Face Shop retails about 10,000won for two Flebeaute Collagenic Sheet Masks. Both cost more than what Laneige retails their sheet masks for. From what I know, most students would only pay 1,000won for the sheet masks.

One korean acquaintance who is a student thought it was daylight robbery when she saw the price of 3,500-4,000 won for the Skin Food's Gold Caviar Collagen Mask, as we had entered the same shop together. For 4,000 won, a student can pay for two meals at the university cafeteria....

*I am thinking here that perhaps Malaysians are probably used to paying high prices for sheet masks..!*

As I didn't want to confuse my skin any further (what with the Clarins, Loccitane, Sothys and Face Shop leftover haul from 2009), I decided to only stick to one skincare range this round. It will take me many ions of months before I can actually finish using up the entire skincare range on my dressing table. No more skincare shopping for the time being.

I hope. ^^

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