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ICLS: Moved up to Korean Elementary I

If you are wondering, yes, I passed my Korean Beginner II Test. Besides the written part, it also has an oral test, which includes elements of dictation, spelling, as well as speaking & conversation. and of course grammar. with lots and lots of verbs and the necessary markers one needs to fill in the blanks with.

I did not do too badly, but it was okay.

The only thing I learnt out of revising my test was - I still have to read and revise bits from my Beginners Text book as my grammar is still quite slack. In other words, try to pay attention in class, and revise every week, so that you won't forget what the seon-saeng-nim (teacher) has taught so far.

The Elementary level basically builds on the verbs that we have learnt in the Beginner's level, and there is an astounding amount of verbs that we had to memorize, as well as spelling and writing that we had to practise.

Well, the first lesson that started last week was so far, so good. I gave my teacher that bottle of soju (it's actually quite cheap in South Korea!) and everyone laughed! ^^

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