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Gwangju: The Art Museum.

The sixth day was spent attending this Presbyterian church near Chonnam University. The Presbyterian prepared a service flyer listing the songs and verses we were to read that day.

The pastor who read according to the message, has a chinese translator. I actually could not hear the pastor very well, and relied on both the chinese translation to actually understand the message. We found out that the church there actually gives out financial incentives to those who attend at least four weeks of attendance of the church... WOW. That is the first I've ever heard of such a practice.

After service, we took the cab and headed to the Art Museum....

Matt could not be budged to make that trip to MudeungSan no matter what.....

I think we spent about two to three hours browsing through the art pieces and history artifacts.

For dinner we headed Mr. Pizza located at walking distance near Chonnam University.

Matt's room mate joined us for dinner...  the meal consisted of four fountain refillable drinks, two salads and one pizza. The meal came up to about 48,000won, but we had a 15% discount, making it to about 10,000won per person.

I guess the "sam gyeop sal" will just have to wait till I am in Seoul, when Marco and Gemerei are down in Seoul as well. They are both foreign exchange students also at Chonnam University, who are headed back to the Philipines this coming weekend as well.

If there is one korean phrase I have learnt this week, it is "Nakk Si".. meaning being tricked to do something...

Matt says I am good at doing that.... but I beg to differ...

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