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A Dream I had last night.

Or this morning rather.

I had a dream of this guy I used to go out with.He's probably reading this blog, as he is a nosey fella, but we aren't going to name names anyways.

(Actually, the above part is to entice you to read this entry, as I know you are all busy-bodies).

Mua ha ha ha.

The Dream
Anyways, to get to the story, I had a dream of this guy-- "Guy A", we shall call him, who is no longer in Malaysia. Or at least I know he's not in Kuala Lumpur at this point of time. He is currently attached to his girlfriend (or probably fiancee now, but my dream did not show me this.).

In the dream I met up with him. He showed me this footprint or structure of his girlfriend's foot (plaster model) and even a scotch-tape print (with lead) of his girlfriend's finger print in some office somewhere (eh?).

As much as I wanted to follow him, I had with me my backpack, and ended up going to the mo-gyok-tang (목욕탕) instead.

The mo-gyok-tang, otherwise similarly known in Japanese as "onsen" or "sento", is a hot-spring pool or the former, public bathhouse, that is a common practice in South Korea & Japan.

After this meeting with Guy A, the dreamed showed my ex-boyfriend driving past me with his current wife in this 4-wheeler. I saw them driving past, but I walked away before they had a chance to see me. Much later, I thought of sending him a text message, but there was no coverage. Hence the text message was not deliver.

Then the dream ended.

Possible meaning of the dream:
I realise that even in the dream, I am still very strong-willed. The act of going to the mo-gyok-tang instead of following Guy A shows that I refuse to give up my will, nor my dreams for what I hold is true, as I realise the futility of a future with Guy A. Guy A is someone who used to hold some significance in my life. From the time I left for Australia, it has been four years since I met up with this person.

The mo-gyok-tang symbolises what I guess is South Korea, or the experiences that I have already been through, and how far I have already walked in my life.

As for avoiding my ex, I guess it means that though I don't mind meeting with my ex, and the lack of coverage that my text message fails to be delivered, possibly shows the impossibility of my meeting up with him ever in future, or the need may never ever come up to be contact with him.

What a dream to sum up my life.


CAL said...

Wow--that dream was actually quite easy to decipher, too.

CY said...

I only begun to decipher it as I wrote it down.

At least I know I won't give up my life for a person whom I don't share similar ideals with.

and I will know how far I have walked ever since to ever think of looking back.

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