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Clinique: Redeeming Youth Surge sample.

This evening I was at Sunway Pyramid. Since I was there, I decided to redeem the Clinique's Youth Surge samples (which is supposed to come in 7ml size containers).

However, apparently the outlet ran out of stock. Fine.

So, the SA gave me one 1.5ml sachets. (I had to ask before she would give me another one.)

*SURPRISE. SURPRISE.* Guess what the SA did next?

She actually rang it up online on the computer, and keyed into the system that I had "redeemed" the sample. You know, the "tag-and-redeem" system?

It would have been almost funny, but I found it seriously ridiculous that the SA is keying my name in for that the tiny measly 1.5ml sachets. (She gave me one. I had to ask again before she would give me two). 

If ever any other SAs ask me in future how did the product work for me, I would have to say that it was a measly 1.5ml sample I was given...

So "1.5ml is really too little to see any results" is the answer. No, and it should not have been tagged for that. Thank You Very Much.

UPDATE later the next day at WORK...
I gave the samples to my colleague. I thought he'd make better use of it.. So my response will be...

"I dunno. I gave the sample to my colleague. Besides, I was only given a 1.5ml sample.. So I have no idea". 


Jessying said...

they are just hopeless, probably there is something wrong with their management and thats why all the SA acting like that, even big brands cosmetics/skincare dont act like that !

juli1202 said...


Vonvon said...

I think I know who the SA could be... the counter in Sunway Pyramid has a SA famous for her stinginess and 'attitude'!

Sinar Baru Trading said...

I think not only Sunway Pyramid, as when i go to Isetan KLCC, they haven't check on their drawer, they just simply said "No" or "No stock".



CY said...

Its okay to take the 1.5ml sample.. but the fact that the SA "tag"(key our name into the computer) is seriously ridiculous.

What do they expect me to do with 1.5ml? at least give me 1.5ml x 5 sachets to make up for it.. then it'll be almost 7ml- as per the redemption voucher states.

Foxy Frangipani said...

Ooh that is so annoying..

I redeemed mine yesterday - It was out of stock too, but then the SA asked if it was ok if she open de-can some for me. She opened a new tester unit and promptly filled up the trial jar meant for foundation. I like this type of customer service!

Miu said...

The 7ml surge is already ended from when to 25/1/10. Now they only give sachets. I got mine from Karen Ho at Clinic Isetan KLCC. She did not key in anything though. This is probably bcoz it's sachets lol.

They keep track of customer who try their products in a way it could be good or bad. I asked before at MidValley why they do this. The lady answer that sometimes the same person will redeem from all the counters, preventing new customer from trying (due to out of stock).

I guess there is pros n cons about this.

CY said...

Ya.. not saying they should not "tag and redeem". but it is when they do it for redeeming sachets....


Lavender said...

I was lucky. Got the 7ml sample at Sogo KL. But I went weeks ago.

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