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Blogshop: Product Swap or Cash accepted.

Good evening, both readers and interested customers alike.

I have decided to accept SWAP items for the items in the blogshop.So, instead of paying cash, you may use items you have in store to exchange for the items you see.

*Please note that to make the process fair for all, items should be of similar or appropriate worth, or value.

For more information, please enquire within to: thebeautyregime at gmail dot com.

The items that I am currently interested in are:

1) Movie vouchers- (redeemable to watch movie, hopefully not of the *asterisk kind) at
2) Book vouchers from MPH, Borders, AcmaMall or similar.
3) Free cake, or coffee vouchers, dining from Starbucks (not exactly my favourite, but whatever), Coffeebean, or at a proper coffee place.
4) Dining for free vouchers: Mcdonalds, KFC, Baskin Robbins, etc.

1) A pair of modern looking pin-hole glasses (to help improve my astigmatism).
2) Clarins treatment oils.
3) Yves Rocher range.
4) Kiehl's body range.
5) SkinFood body range.
6) InnisFree body range.
7) TonyMoly body range.
8) Fragrances, EDTs, etc.

You may also email me details on items you feel I may be interested in. ^^

For UPDATED LIST of Product Swap wanted, please refer to this LIST.


Jean said...

Mmm..I like this idea~ Swapping with vouchers!!

經林 said...

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CY said...

Hello 經林,

I removed your entry. Read the above?

"Spam Messages.... and advertising links will promptly be deleted."

Thank You

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